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  • Greatest automotive collaborations

    When an automotive giant wants to take on a bunch of foreigners at their own game, it's easier to bring in specialists who know what

  • Action Hero Surf - 50 years of the Toyota pickup truck

    Action Hero Surf

  • 2018 Dhaka Motor Show – wrap up

    The 13th instalment of the Dhaka Motor Show, 4th Dhaka Bike Show, 3rd Dhaka Auto Parts Show and 2nd Dhaka Commercial Automotive Show 2018 concluded Saturday, 24th March, at the International Convention City, Bashundhara.

  • Bangladesh's big underground parking lot meet of Evos, STIs and a wild classic Mustang

    First underground parking meet for petrolheads.The Lancer Evo - Impreza STI meet blew out of proportion with surprise appearances by some fantastic machines.

  • Classic Mercedes Benz meet

    Classic Mercedes Benz meet

  • Tackling the urban jungle with a 90 Defender

    The Land Rover Defender is one of the only cars that can claim to have an instantly recognisable shape. For nearly three decades, the boxy, utilitarian Land Rover brought aid and care to the suffering masses, helped bridge remote locales with civilisation, and sometimes enforced the peace where necessary. From the United Nations to the British Army to hospitals in rural Bangladesh, the Land Rover was seen and heard by millions of people across all social divides and social classes.

  • The face of the planet is changing

    The negative effects of the internal combustion engine and the diesel powered engine is evident – rising global temperatures as a result of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, ongoing depletion of global fossil fuel reserves and clogging up of precious space in the world's cities has made the automobile the prime target for environmentalists and those dictating environmental policy.



  • Have you seen the new hybrid electric Toyota?

    Have you seen the new hybrid electric Toyota? Electrifying it is not. We imagine the following being part of the memo running though the Toyota design team. If not, it should be.

  • Buying Guide - Toyota Mark II GX90

    The Mark II GX90 is one of the prettiest sedans Toyota has ever made. It's sleek, smooth and highly capable. We tell you what you need to know if you're looking at buying a used one.