• The rise of the super rich

    A recent report that says Bangladesh has had the highest rise in its ultra wealthy population, surpassing any other country in the world, may have taken many by surprise.

  • A curious case of 'extortion'

    The way Mozammel Hoque, a road safety campaigner, was arrested was hardly normal. A complaint was filed with the police by “a transport labour leader” accusing him of demanding extortion. Understandably, such cases are common in Bangladesh, and many of them false, targeting journalists and human rights defenders.

  • A devastating assault on our national security

    The August 21, 2004 grenade attack on an Awami League rally, targeting the-then opposition leader Sheikh Hasina and top party leaders, marked possibly the most devastating assault on our national security.

  • How an unrestricted press could help assuage violence

    There's an increasing inclination, both globally and domestically, among those in power to impede the media.

  • An uneven battlefield

    Among all ruling party-backed candidates in the three-city elections, Khairuzzaman Liton, in Rajshahi,

  • What does the US-China trade war mean for Bangladesh?

    Professor Shakhawat Ali Khan, a veteran journalism professor at Dhaka University, often invokes a Second World War-era story in his classes to make his students realise just how important international affairs is. When the war persisted, many Indians were faced with an increased price of some of their essential commodities.

  • The race between 'development' and 'justice'

    A politician for nearly four decades, Hasan Uddin Sarkar, the opposition candidate in the Gazipur mayoral election, is well aware of the odds against him.