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  • Small businesses during COVID-19: Sink or Swim?

    In 1996, Nandan Children’s Fashion had set out to change the scene with readymade stylish children’s wear that did not burn a hole in the wallet. With options for various sizes and exclusive designs, the name Nandan has been essential for those looking for a set of trendy children’s clothes.

  • Qurbani Eid during COVID-19: Your questions answered

    Or, if you wish not only to purchase, but also to have the sacrificial animal slaughtered in an abattoir and its meat professionally cut and packed and sent to your doorstep, that’s possible too!

  • Getting your sleep schedule back to normal

    The general holiday or lockdown has wreaked havoc on our sleep cycles; many are struggling to fall asleep and wake up on time.

  • Healthy relationships vs the lockdown

    Relationships are being tested, and now, there is no chance of saying that partners are not spending enough time with each other.

  • Grocery shopping on the internet

    A situation where going outside means taking a risk and requires a lot of protective measures is no more just imagination, and regular activities like picking up the groceries have become difficult.

  • A different Eid

    Prepare a decent meal, share whatever is in your stores. And if you feel like, don a piece that is special, if not new. Dress up in the morning, and get set to enjoy the company of loved ones virtually, thanks to technology which has made these tough times of isolation that much easier.

  • Plight of the transgender community amidst lockdown

    When the world unites on a common ground to help the poor and the needy, minorities and vulnerable groups of the society are somehow left out of the discussion. And this is what hit Tasnuva Anan Shishir, actor at BotTala, and a trans-woman, very hard.

  • Sylhet’s Dhamail: an ode to joy and community music

    The singing troupes are, more often than not, amateurs. In wealthy households, professional musicians, or geedal as they are

  • Block prints for all seasons

    If you have never understood what the fuss was all about, try block prints on khadi. That too, on a bright and clear Baishakhi afternoon, and you will immediately realise the grounds.

  • Bangabandhu and I

    Today marks the birth centenary of our Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman -- the visionary who made us dream of an independent Bangladesh, the powerhouse of charisma who ignited hope amongst the oppressed Bengalis, the legend whom the nation shall forever remain indebted to.

  • In the right state of being

    The year 2020 is not shaping out to be in the world that we wanted — within just three months of the year, it has been one soul-shaking wakeup call after another, environmentally, politically, and health hazard-wise.

  • The modern-day language barriers

    With thousands of children exposed to an unhealthy amount of screen time, most are suffering from unwarranted cases of depression, language distortion, aggressive behaviour, and even developing harmful personalities — those that lack empathy and social intelligence.

  • The bard’s lost muse

    Kadambari came into my life only a few years back on a dull wintry afternoon of 2015. I was looking for a good Bengali movie and there they were, Konkona Sen Sharma and Parambrata Chatterjee, on the shelves of the video store, guised as Kadambari and Tagore.

  • Beauty regimens of the past : Still going strong

    Looking at our mothers, grandmothers, and their entire generations with supple, glowing skins can make us wonder what we are doing wrong, for their beauty seems everlasting, that too without a drop from bottled concoctions.

  • The artist’s impediments

    Today’s young artists face their share of obstacles and struggles, which make their journey in the creative world rather unique.

  • Making the best of winter

    Just like in the near past, winter has been favourably late to the party, but has made its grand entrance with a sudden cold wave, prompting the temperatures to fall announcing its late and much awaited arrival.

  • The agony of war

    On 7 December, 1970, the first general election of Pakistan at the federal level was held. The Awami League bagged 167 out of 169 seats allotted to East Pakistan in the National Assembly, the strength of which was 313. Even after securing absolute majority, the Awami League was not allowed to form a government.

  • ‘Week of Italian Cuisine in the World’ begins

    ‘Food Education: The Culture of Taste’ is the theme of the fourth edition of the ‘Week of Italian Cuisine in the World’ — which started from 18 November, and will run until 24 November, 2019.

  • Divine inspirations: Homage to the Guru

    Today may seem like any ordinary day. And for most purposes and obvious reasons, it indeed is.

  • Razors and trimmers move aside, Movember is here!

    As we bid goodbye to October, also marked as the breast cancer awareness month, Movember brings to limelight another concerning health issue. Movember, a portmanteau formed by combining the two words, moustache and November, has a lot to do with improving men’s health.

  • Kaftans – the forever fashion statement

    What exactly is a kaftan? The simplest definition of a ‘kaftan,’ according to Vogue, is a narrow cut, long robe with full sleeves, either with a deep open neck, or fully open to the floor, and sometimes buttoned. I

  • Thee Gouri Narayani — Who art three-eyed

    If you are thinking this is yet another piece on our fantasy regarding the quintessential Bengali belle and their mesmerising eyes, then pause. This is exactly that…and perhaps, a little more.

  • The Jamdani Economics: Of Sonargaon and an Insignia

    By now, we all know that the National Crafts Council of Bangladesh and Bengal Foundation have been in talks with World Crafts Council to award Sonargaon the label of a Craft City, in recognition of the fact that the area is the weaving centre of the age-old Jamdani.

  • A new step towards greater recognition Sonargaon as World Crafts City

    The otherwise lacklustre village was buzzing with activities. A fact that was evident from the turn of the main road, where busy looking men, dressed in their finery of white Jamdani panjabis, were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the jury from the World Crafts Council (WCC),

  • A cut above: The Mirkadim breed of cows

    But dig deeper, and you will realise Mirkadim is like no other. It is the home of Mirkadim cows, a distinct class in our livestock industry — the highly celebrated and premium, ‘Mirkadim er goru’.

  • A cut above: The Mirkadim breed of cows

    But dig deeper, and you will realise Mirkadim is like no other. It is the home of Mirkadim cows, a distinct class in our livestock industry — the highly celebrated and premium, ‘Mirkadim er goru’.

  • Barbecuing this Eid

    It makes a world of difference when you prepare your food beforehand, by which, we mean having all your food items in boxes, already marinated and made out in the desired shapes you want to.

  • A cheesemaker with a message

    Times are changing. No longer will any food enthusiast be puzzled with an offer of something that is made by pouring bacteria into it. Not only will they say a resounding yes, the follow-up selection of dishes and food may overwhelm even the inquirer. Having said that, cheese certainly takes the top slot in this line-up as a delicious dairy goodness boasting of complex flavours.

  • Wear your VOICE

    Ever felt like sticking a placard on your forehead to make people aware of your stance on social issues because protests just don’t seem to register? Social awareness programmes or long social media posts are just not cutting it? Have an inclination to stand and

  • In the name of job satisfaction

    Job satisfaction, in simplistic terms is a combination of happiness and fulfilment generated from the employment we choose on our quest to achieve what we perceive as our career objectives. Quitting an internship at a financial institution following just two days after