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  • Here Comes The Groom

    Men's wear is available in three basic categories, and understanding these can go a long way in helping the groom make the best choice to suit his style, and pocket.

  • An Unforgettable Bridal Shower

    Traditionally, a bridal shower is an intimate, women only, lunch, often hosted by the bride's close and dearest ones before the series of wedding events kick off. While some like to keep it down-low by hosting a little in-house event, some like to go big outdoors. The point here though, is not the sheer size and venue, but the organisation and planning of the whole day that brings an unforgettable smile to the bride's face.

  • Halloween myths and why they exist

    The origin of Halloween comes from the land of the Celts, now modern day France and the British Isles. According to Celtic myths, the dead reside in a faraway land of eternal youth and happiness, called Tir nan Og, and that one could only communicate with the dead during the turning of the year.

  • Cast a spell or two

    Would you not want some 'practical magick' like this in your life? Order your broom to sweep up last night's mess, a flick of your wand to sort out all your chores or maybe a drop of soothing potion for your ever troubled bestie

  • Durga Puja Festival 2018

    Durga's empowered womanhood

    Hymns, camphor-lit invocations and venerations of Durga followed by the immersion of idols in the river — Durga Puja is an electrifying carnival of a religious festival. Rooted in our very own Bengal, and dating way back to the 17th century, Durga Puja has evolved to mean a glorified community affair with lights, fireworks and colours. However, the main tableau of Durga herself is an overlooked story and one for the ages. And, it is here where the spirit of Durga Puja is tethered.

  • Raised by the Mother

    My birthright was to become part of a faith that could trace its roots back to the earliest civilisations known to man, yet it always felt heavy on my shoulders. What my family constantly recounted to me as a privilege always made me feel like an outsider to the rest of the world, but it had less to do with being part of a minority community in this country and more to do with my upbringing.

  • My Beloved Deshi Sari

    That was only Tagore and what about our very own Humayun Ahmed? His ladies are always described wearing the perfectly pleated Taant in the deepest shades of blue, almost replicating the ocean or the sky.

  • Diet plan for weight loss

    Intermittent fasting- the new diet planner in town

    Intermittent fasting, as the name suggests, is a dieting scheme or plan which involves a period of eating, followed by a period of not eating, repeated over time. Of course, water is consumed during the fasting period, including fluids like fruit juices, tea, coffee etc. but, without sugar, or very small amounts of sugar, preferably less than 50 calories.

  • Tales of two foodies

    As two blokes sit at a coffee shop somewhere in Gulshan immersed in conversation over their love for all things food; in the midst of it, I hastily try to scribble note after note of their many anecdotes and the food adventures they've been on.

  • The fertile grounds

    Over the years the nature of harassment children experience at school in the hand of their peers has changed; it is important we re-assess the situation based on its current nature.