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  • In the world of midsummer fantasy

    Summer styling is meant to be passionate, unhinged and wild. The season demands both insanity and comfort to go hand in hand. The midsummer rays encourage our wild inner-self to showcase the fun and let go of all the gravity bothering from within.

  • All about that summer glow

    Farhana Chaity is the next makeup artist to keep an eye out for, who although is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where she works as a makeup artist for Feminine Magazine, does travel back and forth to Dhaka for work purposes.

  • A Pearl For Every Occasion

    Our collective fascination for the oyster-borne jewel of the sea continues, transcending time, and borders, for their rarity, iridescence and sublime beauty. Jewellers and painters have long exploited their symbolic associations, from luxury, seductiveness, purity and charms of good luck. So it is now time for us to delve a little bit into our own exploitation of this thing of beauty, to make ourselves prettier, perhaps. No matter what kind of social interaction you are getting ready for, pearls can help amp up the ensemble.

  • A splash of the azure

    And in the sartorial world, blue has a place of power, pride and perpetuity. In ancient Egypt rare gemstones were crushed to obtain this hue and used to decorate pharaoh's tombs, making it extremely precious and regal. Its significance was high during Elizabethan England where only members of the royal family could wear it

  • The Chiffon Story

    It is without doubt that chiffon rules over summer! Thanks to the return of maxi dresses and flowy tunics, we can see an abundance of this luxurious fabric this season. Much appreciated for its light weight, chiffon is very popular amongst ladies who want to add some zing to their regular attire.

  • I am She - Amishe

    To be considered truly unique and stand out is ironically the most common desire that has taken hold of the fancies of people over the ages. That is no less true today, even though our expressions and attitudes have changed. Amishe-a play on words for I am she – is a tradition inspired and opulent take on the modern woman's desire for something truly unique.

  • Chic Panache

    Ask anybody who has been to her dainty little shop and they'd swear to have instantaneously fallen in love with the ever gorgeous pastel shades and the unique cuts of the shalwar kameezs.

  • Going chic with Silver

    Being one of the oldest metals to be used as jewellery, it's no surprise that silver jewellery is still highly sought after. Silver crafts are also often a proud representation of various peoples' cultural heritage and artisanship. The shimmery metal is versatile enough for both casual wear and evening parties, thus winning the hearts of accessory-lovers all over the world.

  • Fashion predictions for a midsummer Eid

    As we welcome a brand new Ramadan and Eid this summer, we also embrace an array of new styles, looks and combinations waiting to take over our old wardrobe. Some trends will go right out of the window, while few others will be greeted with open arms. With that in mind here are some fashion predictions for Eid-ul-Fitr, 2018 presented by Star Lifestyle.

  • Cool footwear for a hot summer

    Every woman will vouch for the fact that the first thing that they notice about a person are their shoes. Little do they know, the same goes for most people as well. So it is fair to say that to leave a lasting first impression, a little more attention should be given to what you don on your feet. With summer coming, upgrade your closet with shoes that are not only comfortable for the hot and humid weather, but also equally stylish.