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  • Impressive in prints

    While Pinterest and Instragram already have us gazing in awe over the Spring 2018 fashion trends, prints are making their own headlines and creating buzz on social media. And rightfully so!


    it goes without saying that our country is diversified when it comes to physical features such as skin complexion. Although our skin tone can be broadly termed as "brown" by the rest of the world, one cannot be oblivious to the countless shades of brown that exists. So, why is that despite being so diversified, we still tend to constrain the word "beautiful" to only specific features? why is it the case that even now, being "fair" only is considered perfection instead of what we are born with?

  • Colour Game

    The Colour Game

    It is not uncommon for people to create and fall into personal comfort zones, especially when it comes to style and clothes; as spending time everyday pondering over what to wear is often a luxury ill afforded. To add a new dimension without breaking the bank, one need not fret; simply, learn to remix and add a bit of twist with contrasts when pairing the elements of your outfit-- a new combination every week!

  • terracotta jewellery design ideas

    Terracotta jewellery

    With terracotta art of the Indus Valley civilisation dating back as early as 3000 BC, one can easily say that this art form is an ideal

  • Wearing neon

    The arrival of spring brings with it a fresh splash of colours as the seasonal flora takes over the otherwise monotonous winter

  • Fluorescent shades in your wardrobe

    Fashion disasters associated with fluorescent shades are far too many. Just imagine wearing a neon green pantsuit. Not only will the

  • Chilling in a container

    Chilling in a container

    ‘River & Rain’ architect Kazi Fida said, “The client wanted us to build a temporary home instead, which he could visit during the weekends to spend time with his friends and family, and worked as something

  • Singling out singledom

    There is something that rubs an entire segment of people the wrong way when a thirty-something single person is concerned. Push the age to forty-something and you would think the social structure as you know it is crumbling.

  • The Bangla Appayon

    Let us make this clearer. Although we hated being ruled by the British, some of us did become ardent fans of their lifestyle and upbringing. Hence the emergence of the many garden parties a.k.a tea parties in our subcontinent, today! But do these tea parties have to be an exact copy of the British? Not necessarily so!

  • Winter work wear

    Winter work wear

    When you think of an office outfit, you have to make sure it is simple yet formal enough to make your 9 to 5 day more comfortable. With the temperatures dropping rapidly outside, sometimes it can be a pain in the neck to come up with the best outfit combinations for the fashion conscious working women.