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    “I wasn’t doing well at school through the second year of college,” he described, “Instead of approaching studies as a big goal to work on, I decided to make only very slight adjustments.

  • RAIN or SHINE, Jackets and coats are FINE

    What if you were only wearing a sleeveless tee and a knee length skirt? It is bound to get chilly in a bit.

  • Fortune-The Daily Star Recipe Competition 2020

    Most of us have developed our personal way of coping with the immense anxiety during the seemingly endless days of lockdown.

  • Saving the restaurant industry

    June 28, 2020 witnessed a virtual press conference between Bangladesh Restaurant Owners Association (BROA) members and media personnel, depicting the dire situation of the ‘ailing’ industry, while making an earnest request to the Prime Minister to step in and help pull it through the despair.

  • Adapt to THRIVE

    Few weeks into the pandemic, Khan realised her assumptions were a little premature because thevirulent disease turned out to be like no other, devastating the world and stalling it for what felt like forever!

  • Story Rainy day style THERAPY

    Let Star Lifestyle tell you all about the trendiest blend of colours this monsoon. Colours influence the mind more than you think.

  • Hair so long, Hair so pretty

    For most people, dressing up or looking good includes some attention bestowed on perfecting the hairstyle. Be it the simple elegance of silky, flowing tresses, or the intricacy of complicated braids, or chic updos, hair deserves and gets a lot of attention, praise, and care. It catches the fancy of poets, and enthralls their muses. It is after all, the crowning glory for most women.

  • Be mod in a mini!

    It is a no-brainer that short dresses look chic and stylish. An absolute summer staple, it leaves its wearer unruffled and happy. The right one can even take you from day to night and effortlessly so. They are back with a bang, and one is truly spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing!

  • Flowers for your hair

    We love nothing more in this time of the year than flowers. With colourful flowers blooming since the beginning of spring, why not put some in our

  • Touch of Nature

    This style is usually achieved by putting half of the hair up and the rest down. Braiding the upper section,

  • Adventures in the eye shadow palette

    I know I am not the only one feeling hopeless at the moment. However, I do believe that I have also found a nice way to divert my attention and boost my mind through all this.

  • EID 2020: Local fashion moves online: dawn of a new era

    Eid is truly a time of social mingling. A big part of that, is dressing to impress! For those of you who truly miss splurging on that exquisite sari or suit, looking for the perfect “wow” outfit is actually still very much possible.

  • Restaurant business and a pandemic

    The ongoing pandemic and lockdown have affected all sectors of the economy, including the restaurant industry. The otherwise busiest month of the year has turned out to be the most hard-hitting, especially in terms of lost projected revenues.

  • The year without Baishakh and Eid

    What we face in this pandemic is not only the loss of human lives, but also the death of small/cottage industries.

  • The deshi way

    With summer having arrived, be ready to take on the heat — the deshi way. Kurtis are the traditional casuals; easy to wear, comfortable,

  • Spelling COMFORT the deshi way

    Setting aside figurative expressions, we can boldly say that whatever the situation, a ‘comfy’ attire can always lift the mood, fight illness and make sure our mental and physical wellbeing is set straight.

  • Summer time singing

    Spring brought with it an abundance of good times, but with the recent coronavirus alert, we are almost ready for it to bid us adieu and pave way for the hot summer days ahead. Good times or bad, fashion never tends to leave our inherent selves. It is an essential art form that is worth exploring.

  • Summer melodies

    Tea and coffee will be flowing in as you browse through panels of saris, from comfortable cottons to sensuous chiffons.

  • Nail Art - Self-expression with flair

    For a better understanding of all these new techniques and trends, we spoke to Tasnim Monzur Labiba, a freelance nail artist with her Facebook page Nail Art Desire.

  • ABCs of bike stunts

    Bike stunts refer to activities involving acrobatic manoeuvring of the motorcycle and sometimes the rider. This requires balance, skills, techniques, and most of all, the determination to do so given that it is quite difficult and often dangerous.

  • Equality through DIGNITY

    And hence, based on this positive note, and in anticipation of the upcoming International Women’s Day, we spoke to Shaheen Anam, executive director, Manusher Jonno Foundation to learn more about equality, reduction of domestic violence, inclusion of unpaid labour into the GDP, feminism and its future prospects.

  • Tales of BEAUTY through the AGES

    Even though the olden days were simple and modest, the makeup style perhaps lacked a bit of art. It lacked the fancy of the mind. Today, with makeup, anything and everything is possible.

  • Spring in her steps

    Such splendid madness is then succeeded by mellow days of barely there Autumn when days grow shorter and cool, crisp night air has one reminiscing about first love.

  • Rainbows in Spring

    Dewan, famous for her patchwork and unconventional cuts and stitches, does not fail to blow our minds with her latest spring wardrobe.

  • What the storks did not deliver !

    On our first visit, both of us were nervous, dreading the conversation that was to follow.

  • A bright COLOURFUL affair

    A bright COLOURFUL affair

  • The unforgettable jalshas

    The events were attended by my uncle and luminaries living in our neighbourhood at that time. I was only a child and they never let me pass by a chance of dancing before the audience wearing keys and anklets for ghungroos.

  • Winter vibes with Sozpodor

    With a demand for local winter-ready clothes that fit the style quotient, Tenzing Chakma has added an eye-catching and elegant lineup to his Sozpodor line of clothes.

  • Colours of HOPE

    After the river banks washed away her old home in Char Narayanpur, Rangpur, Shefali moved to a new char in Kurigram. With the help of the rehabilitation fund by the NGO, it was there that she rebuilt her home.

  • Sequin Seduction

    Sequins are most usual in attires for special affairs. They scream exoticism and are the most appropriate for a cocktail party or a soirée.