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  • Spring in her steps

    Such splendid madness is then succeeded by mellow days of barely there Autumn when days grow shorter and cool, crisp night air has one reminiscing about first love.

  • Rainbows in Spring

    Dewan, famous for her patchwork and unconventional cuts and stitches, does not fail to blow our minds with her latest spring wardrobe.

  • What the storks did not deliver !

    On our first visit, both of us were nervous, dreading the conversation that was to follow.

  • A bright COLOURFUL affair

    A bright COLOURFUL affair

  • The unforgettable jalshas

    The events were attended by my uncle and luminaries living in our neighbourhood at that time. I was only a child and they never let me pass by a chance of dancing before the audience wearing keys and anklets for ghungroos.

  • Winter vibes with Sozpodor

    With a demand for local winter-ready clothes that fit the style quotient, Tenzing Chakma has added an eye-catching and elegant lineup to his Sozpodor line of clothes.

  • Colours of HOPE

    After the river banks washed away her old home in Char Narayanpur, Rangpur, Shefali moved to a new char in Kurigram. With the help of the rehabilitation fund by the NGO, it was there that she rebuilt her home.

  • Sequin Seduction

    Sequins are most usual in attires for special affairs. They scream exoticism and are the most appropriate for a cocktail party or a soirée.


    The gently swaying couples in the movies, with gentlemen holding the ladies’ waists, swayed magically into love.

  • Lo and Behold the Bangladeshi bride

    She turns around to see her majestic bridal outfit lying on the floor, waiting to drape her. Her smile returns almost immediately. This beautiful red sharara, that both of them picked together, symbolises all the love and affection that they feel for each other. The beauty of the wedding attire reassures her that life, after all, will be appealing.

  • Witness to victory

    Collective memories are of course rich anthologies of history, but in it, get lost many individual voices. With the passage of time, we are losing many of the people who were witness to the struggle for independence. Here, we bring you some testimonials of general citizens, of varying ages, describing what they remember of the very first Victory Day, and the lead up to it.

  • Jeans and denim: evergreen picks

    There are limits to how much one can stretch a piece of jeans. Thankfully, the same does not hold true for how much one can push it up the fashion barometer. A piece of cotton denim, as far as styling goes, is timeless and as relevant today as it was...mmm...always!

  • Timeless

    For the past few years, brides have chosen bejewelled pieces as their style statements. While they still reign supreme, there is a slow trend moving back to good old gold, in their myriad forms and hues even.

  • The Second Act

    While it is possible to buy four to five different saris, just for the sake of it, there are reasons to put some good thought into your purchases. Remember, the post weddings’ Second Act is where you once again emerge as a couple, and there needs to be coordination between you two.

  • The Bride’s Sidekick

    This a glorious time, when the fabulously well-heeled fashionistas of Dhaka city turn out in their festive best, and sprinkle their heady stardust wherever they go.


    The sherwani is a classic. The evolution has been so dramatic that it is now irrelevant to search for its roots to claim it as one of our own. A sharp-cut piece is as fashionable today as it was two hundred years ago at the durbars of nawabs and maharajas.

  • Nawabs, Maharajas Valiant men

    Weddings are a celebration of life, and a chance for the bride and the groom to share the flair on stage, as they embark on a journey together, hand in hand.

  • Curls of wisdom

    Take a good hard look at the mirror, at that lifeless, uncooperative mop on your head that has been through a decade’s worth of chemical products, treatments, heating tools, and resulted in frizzy, dry, brittle, and lacklustre locks.

  • A wind of change in fashion industry

    Our hope with the campaign has been to encourage reliance on local products, boosting productivity, economic development, and creativity, while encouraging the concept of conscious living — which promotes the understanding that we are all in this together and for a better world.

  • Twinkle Twinkle little Trinkets

    Do not think that this is isolated to just women, as more and more men are accessorising their outfits with different trinkets to highlight their style.


    Eclectic styling is not meant for everyone! This is only for those who prefer unconventional fashion over the mundane, and a progressive lifestyle over the regular. Since fashion is a great way to reveal the uniqueness of a personality; an eclectic woman usually tends to show everyone around her that she is bold and confident, with countless colourful stories to share.

  • Tales of shidur khela

    This is my first “shidur khela,” a ritual strictly for women, I see no reason as to why I have to go through this alone, while the amazing, tall, dark, smart partner gets to witness a different kind of red wedding in the making.

  • Woman Thou Art Divine

    The three worlds trembled – a deity was created with celestial powers. With all her blessings, she transformed into this beautiful form, and marched against the demons, on her mount. Unsurpassed in beauty; she is eternal. She is the protector of the realm, and a clear manifestation of energy. She is all women, in their truest form. She is Durga, the life-like expression of divine energy.

  • On the trail of REAL JAMDANI

    “Paach khew jora hoise, teen khew barse” — the master weaver utters the ‘buli’, an oral tradition that has been handed down from one master to his apprentice for centuries. And this oral instruction is all that there is in creating the mesmerising intricacies that we see in a Jamdani sari.

  • Destination wedding hullabaloo

    Well, don’t get me wrong. Many people would skip in delight when they hear of an wedding arranged overseas, but to me, that only meant a lot of hassle — getting a week-long leave from the office, packing suitcases; and worst of all, worrying about the children and being split over which grandmother to stack them onto while I am away partying.

  • Beneath starry nights and OPEN SKIES

    Reading up to this part, you must be wondering that such weddings are only meant for the rich and the famous. Well, I shall disagree.

  • Shop to colour block

    If you have no idea what that is and have not yet adorned yourself in solid chunks of contrasting colours, then you are certainly way behind in acknowledging the ideation of fashion. And it’s about time you learn.

  • M for Modern Art

    With over many years of experience as a professional artist, Plamondon chose garments, mainly saris as the best canvas to portray her prowess as an artist. And this time she experiments with modern art and geometry to convey her thoughts.

  • Oasis under the grey clouds

    But of course, monsoon is not without its nuances — the gloom and melancholy, the clogged-up roads, and the unfortunate floods.

  • Nature’s rhapsody a story in six seasons

    “How do seasons change?” And on philosophical lines — “Why?”