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  • Let’s talk shoes: Let’s talk Bata

    What is new in men’s fashion, especially casual foot wear?

  • BEING The ethical CONSUMER

    For that, she works day in and day out, catering to orders placed by various fashion stores from the capital; ones that seem to utilise her strengths during their times of need, peak seasons like Baishakh and Eid, and cuts her off for the rest of the year, when she needs them.

  • Fighting against the norm

    Beauty cannot merely be defined by long hair, pointed nose or a perfect figure. Beauty means comfort, and it definitely comes in all sizes, shapes and age,” said Humaira Khan, one of the most prominent fashion designers of Bangladesh, presenting her revolutionary new collection — ANIKINI by Humaira Khan

  • ANIKINI humaira khan

    ANIKINI by Humaira Khan

    Many may ponder how a clothing brand can be a way to fight discrimination. On the completion of her 30 years in the fashion industry, Humaira Khan decided that it was about time she took a step towards improving some of the negative outlook that exists in our society — body shaming.

  • The elephant in the Room

    An animal in all its grandiosity, yet so calm and gentle. They travel in herds and exhibit incredible intelligence; they say elephants never forget, from which, the phrase “elephant’s memory” was coined.

  • Far from the madding crowd

    The traffic around the city worries everyone a bit more than what should be normal. It exhausts you, plays havoc with your nerves, and sucks all the energy that you are left with. Might sound like the rant of a typical out-of-towner, but think about it a bit deeply.

  • There is something special about this Summer

    The season is almost here, and based on this thought, there is so much going on around us. The seasonal favourites, including fruits and flowers would soon ripen and bloom.

  • Bangladeshi Fashion

    Glad tidings of the cuckoo

    As you gaze through, you realise that everything looks attractive and your consciousness wants to be a part of it all.

  • The curious case of Pahela Baishakh

    Two weeks to go till the day-long Pahela Baishakh celebrations, and we are busy setting the menu, wishing it to be slightly different from the previous years. We are also worried about what to wear on D-day. Fashionistas will say red and white is overdone, and some variation of it is necessary to make things as remarkable and fascinating as

  • The six yard love

    Sari styles change every calendar year — undergoing major experimentation with fabrics, patterns, weaves and drapes.

  • Deshi Fruits Galore

    Since its inception, Star Lifestyle has been promoting deshi products diligently. Based on this thought, this year, we have promised to make it big and widespread. We want our readers and patrons to believe in our efforts, and support towards all things Bangladeshi. For this week, we present to you an offbeat photo shoot, based on deshi fruits, and shaped a story designed to make you nostalgic about rural Bangladesh and its age-old attachment to fruits.

  • Bejewelled, Debonair

    As we gear up for the next trail of weddings to come, it is time to shine some of that light on men's wedding accessories. There is no doubt that South Asian weddings are all about the bride, but that does not mean grooms cannot be a part of that fun, right?

  • International Women's Day 2019

    The revolution begins with us

    She is an all through professional, fighting head-on in a grossly male dominated industry. With a tough 'deshi' twang balanced perfectly with a down to earth attitude, she certainly conveys a sense of self-assurance.

  • Dots I Love

    One would only think that perhaps that is where I draw the line, but astonishingly, it was just the beginning as I had tons of other inspiration, including the stunning Elizabeth Taylor, and her beautiful polka dot gowns that only amplify my love affair with the dots.

  • Monocrome Elegance

    As pastel shades rage on into this year's fashion scene, take a step back to channel that inner Bangali elegance in a beautiful piece from Humaira Khan's latest collection, 'Black and White,' which focuses on local fabric such as raw silk and muslin with fusion accents done in her signature cuts and flair.

  • Women's Comfortable Clothing

    Stunning in Skirts

    Just like any other clothing, the type of fabric used for a skirt plays a key role for truly 'rocking it.' You cannot expect flowy georgette to stay in place, nor can you expect a heavy plaid skirt to give off the breezy vibe. Other than that, when picking cotton or mixed fabric skirts, understanding texture and weave go a long way for the final cut.

  • A Pale Blue Dot

    He imagined the creation, with chaos, and the gods bringing order to what they had shaped.


    The history of the scarf goes way back. But in modern times, scarves are carried in a number of ways, and for a number of different purposes. Typically, scarves are worn around the neck.

  • Girly and fun

    Gone are the days of boring hairstyles; it's time to try something new. Stay on top of the trend-game with these super cute hair-dos. Easy and fun — you can thank us later!

  • Breaking down beach wear

    There is nothing like a good old relaxing holiday by the beach. Fun activities, great food, some sun bathing and an occasional good splash is all you need to wash away weeks' worth of stress. Planning is half the fun with destinations and resorts, but the one place we often get stuck at is the beach wear.

  • An evening to remember

    A chilly evening — not cold enough to wrap oneself in layers, but cosy enough to flaunt some winter wear.

  • The suit spectrum

    It's winter, and you know what that means; your newsfeed drowning in pictures of men in suits, posing with a faraway or brooding look, away from the camera's eyes, and standing at one corner of the stage right underneath a spotlight. They have manoeuvred their heads to the side as they try to button their suit's jacket, followed with a heavy caption by some poor philosopher who had nothing to do with either the newly wedded couple or the person in the picture, or even this era.

  • War and museums

    The saga of the Victory of Bangladesh in 1971 involves numerous revolutions, and of course, the War. And the glorious road to Victory will be cherished by its people forever. Hence, rightfully so, Dhaka boasts plenty of museums on the subject. They collectively beartestament to the struggles of the Bengalis.

  • The case for a frugal wedding

    They are meant to be grand, romantic, if not dreamy affairs, and of course a social occasion that not only ties two people, but also two families. As far as Bangladeshi weddings are concerned, there is however one big problem — keeping up with the Joneses!

  • My big fat deshi wedding

    They can be an exhibition, especially the 'Big Fat Deshi Wedding' types, where one spends tonnes of money on creating memories, sprinkled over a few fleeting days.

  • Magic in Monochrome

    Weddings are often symbolised as a flurry of colours, and sometimes, we want to escape such chaos. Many of us may just want a simple affair rather than worrying about tons of petty things such as the trousseau, ensembles ---all the glitz and glamour.

  • Stunning in silver

    For several decades, gold jewellery has remained the revered czar of the jewellery scene in Bangladesh. Starting from the proposal token, to the ring and the final wedding ornaments, gold has been the preferred pick for almost all social classes.

  • My Mother in the mirror!

    What is your earliest memory? Chances are that it is of your mum, smiling and singing a lullaby — such a fleeting moment, but one frozen in time, simply because of its nuances and sweetness. You remember her enchanting smile, the way the corner of her eyes creased, the scent of her skin and her fragrant hair as it touched your face. And that vision, for in your eyes she's nothing short of it, is forever etched in your mind; it's your core memory.

  • The whole six yards

    Freud's psychoanalysis on collecting and collectors is nothing short of bizarre. But that is Sigmud!


    As uncanny as the name may sound, it is a favourite! These informal pants can be easily paired off with anything from comfort tees to crop tops. You may wear it to the stores if you wish, given the fact that you are comfortable travelling back through time, pulling off the teenage look.