How to control your sweet tooth

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

Do not get frustrated if you fail to cut back on your sugar intake in one go. You don't even have to go cold turkey to avoid sugary foods. With some smart sugar strategies, you can keep your cravings under control. Be adventurous and outsmart your sweet tooth. Have patience because the endurance is well worth in the long run. Just try to follow the strategies and you will be good to go.  

Serve your craving with a healthy alternative
Whenever sugar craving kicks in, try to grab some healthy meal. With that in mind you need to keep some healthy snacks or pre-made meals handy. Healthy sources of carbohydrate and fibre will level out your blood sugar level and keep you full for a longer time. 
We understand the cravings for appetising treats like sugary junk foods, which we will have a hard time overcoming and replacing with alternative meals. But having your sweet tooth under control feels like living the reveries. 

Fruits for thought 
Fruits are great alternatives for sugary foods as they not only provide you with sufficient nutrients, but also satisfies your sweet tooth. The high water content helps to keep you full. 
You can always go for fruit salads, which never fails to hit the taste buds. Stocking up on nuts, seeds and dried foods are also highly recommended. 

Take a walk on the wild side
It is always enjoyable to take a brisk walk in the neighbourhood, not only to distract yourself from the sweet craving, but also to get relief from boredom, anxiety or other emotions. If it's difficult to go outside, focus on few exhausting body-weight exercises. Take a hot shower and buy yourself some time to take your mind off from the craving. 

Allow yourself to be a little indulgent  
You may have a small portion of the sugary snack you desire when the craving hits, for instance, an ice-cream bar or a small bar of chocolate. It would help you steer clear of feeling denied. There's a fine line between craving and hunger. So, giving in a little is always fine. 
Whenever you have a craving for something sweet, it does not necessarily mean you have to eat sugar; try alternatives. Eat water every now and then; it gives you the feeling of being full. Get more sleep, it reduces appetite and slashes sugar cravings. And one of the best tip we can impart is to have a hearty breakfast. 


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