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  • More victims of reckless driving

    An accident at a brick kiln in Cumilla took the lives of at least 13 workers. A coal-laden truck skidded off the road and fell on a makeshift shed at the brick kiln on the early morning of January

  • The #10YearChallenge and Dhaka

    One viral trend that caught my attention recently is the “10 Year Challenge”. The other day, I was wondering how Dhaka looks today compared to how it did 10 years ago.

  • Brexit: A new referendum?

    After WWII, the economy of Europe was in a shambles due to the devastation that comes with a war of such magnitude. In the wake of the

  • Tackling serious financial crimes

    We have grown accustomed to seeing news reports detailing serious financial crimes such as money laundering and gross irregularities in the sanctioning of loans.

  • Tough stances against loan defaulters

    The newly-appointed Finance Minister A H M Mustafa Kamal asked the bankers to go tough on reducing non-performing loans (NPL) as it

  • The importance of reading newspapers

    Newspapers are said to be the mirror of the world. One can endlessly describe the benefits of reading a newspaper daily. To many, in this age of information technology, when there are a

  • What do employers want from fresh graduates?

    The transition from one's formal education to the first job can be daunting. Quality universities help prepare students for this transition period through rigorous internship programmes, career fairs and career counselling. Others, however, do not.

  • Dhaka's unbearable air pollution

    For Dhaka city dwellers such as myself, the worsening quality of air is extremely worrying. As if the horrible traffic congestion wasn't

  • Street congestion and private car policy

    Dhaka's growing traffic gridlock prompted me to assess what other cities do to manage flow. Singapore recently decided to adopt a zero percent private car population growth.

  • For a fair DUCSU election

    The Daily Star has recently published an editorial titled “Make DUCSU centre of all campus activities.”