Letters to the Editor | Page 2 | The Daily Star
  • Govt has failed our farmers

    The lack of compassion shown to farmers by the government is unacceptable. It is clear that the reason why farmers are suffering has quite a bit to do with the government—of its lack of action, failed policies and graft.

  • Stop the drug war

    The ongoing drug war launched by our government is leading to more and more deaths every day. Law enforcers claim that these people are drug dealers who are being killed in “gunfights”, but it is difficult to buy their narrative given the history of lack of transparency that they have.

  • Why the need for more banks?

    The country’s banking sector is already volatile and saturated.Yet, three more commercial banks, namely Bengal Bank, People’s Bank and Citizen Bank, were licensed this February.

  • Bangladesh bearing burden of Rohingya crisis

    Countless Rohingya Muslims have been forced to leave their ancestral land, Rakhine. These people have been persecuted mercilessly by the Myanmar government, an act which has been recognised as ethnic cleansing by UN officials. When it came to the attention of the world community, Bangladesh volunteered to provide asylum to this minority group.

  • Ensure safety of home-bound people

    Eid, one of the biggest festivals for Muslims, drives countless Dhaka-dwellers to rush to their hometowns. People from all walks of life want to spend Eid with their loved ones back home.

  • Chaos in the jute sector

    It is with great discomfort that we are witnessing the indefinite strike enforced by the state-run jute mill workers, which is causing

  • Public transport becoming increasingly unsafe for women

    The recent incident of gang-rape and murder of Shahinoor Akter Tania—a nurse at Ibne Sina Hospital’s Kalyanpur branch—on a moving bus is just a tragic reminder of how unsafe our public transports are for female travellers.

  • Saving environment is saving life

    We have this strange mentality that drives us to destroy things first and then scramble to rebuild them. This applies to almost everything of worth ranging from towns and cities built over centuries to precious natural resources like rivers and forests. When it comes to nature, we have a habit of thinking that we can get away with causing harm to it. But as they say, “every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

  • Every day should be Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day is celebrated in many countries of the world, including in Bangladesh, on May 13. In the US it is celebrated on the second

  • Need for student counselling centres in schools

    After family, school plays the most important role in the process of a child’s socialisation. After receiving basic education in primary schools, when students enter secondary schools in their adolescent years, they go through many physical and mental changes. During this period, controlling emotions become a big issue for them.