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Pori Moni, Razz celebrate Rajya’s ‘Mukhe Bhaat’

Rajya’s ‘Mukhe Bhaat’
Pori Moni, Sariful Razz and their son Rajya. Photos: Facebook

Pori Moni is usually active on social media when it comes to sharing the wonderful moments of her life. Today, the actress has been out celebrating Valentine's Day and Pohela Phalgun with her lovely family. 

Just recently, the celebrity couple of Pori Moni and Sariful Islam Razz celebrated six months of their first-born-child, Rajya. 

On this special occasion, the star couple arranged the ceremony of his Mukhe Bhaat (first time having rice). 

Pori Moni shared the pictures of the event, where she, Razz and Rajya are sharing their love with underprivileged children. Pori was also spotted serving food to the children. Popular filmmaker Chayanika Chowdhury also came to the event to celebrate Rajya's special day. 

Pori and Razz tied the knot in October 2021, and welcomed their son Shaheem Muhammad Rajya to the world on August 10, 2022.