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  • Quick Salads

    I liked that department. It provided me with a lot of joy and comfort.
  • The Jamdani Economics: Of Sonargaon and an Insignia

    By now, we all know that the National Crafts Council of Bangladesh and Bengal Foundation have been in talks with World Crafts Council to award Sonargaon the label of a Craft City, in recognition of the fact that the area is the weaving centre of the age-old Jamdani.
  • The Food Ranger’s gastronomic adventures in Dhaka

    Earlier this year, globally renowned vlogger Trevor James aka The Food Ranger visited Dhaka, exploring the city’s culinary gems.
  • Oasis under the grey clouds

    But of course, monsoon is not without its nuances — the gloom and melancholy, the clogged-up roads, and the unfortunate floods.
  • My herd and I

    He is as muscular and burly as those men depicted in S M Sultan’s paintings. And usually bare-chested that showed much of his rough, weather-beaten skin, the resemblance is uncanny. For Sattar, after all, also faces the same hardships Sultan’s men faced and lives the lifestyle of a common villager.