RMG wage board

Human Rights Day / RMG Workers’ Life After Protests: Plagued by uncertainty

Since the announcement of the new wage, the workers have been reiterating that it will not bring them any semblance of relief, but fighting for it has brought on all kinds of trouble.

Normalcy returning to garment sector

After more than two weeks of unrest in the garment sector over minimum wages, normalcy has started to be restored with almost all factories reopening and workers returning to their workplaces yesterday.

You can’t quell workers’ hunger by opening fire on them

Rather than assuage the workers by announcing a respectable wage, the wage board has essentially fuelled workers’ outrage and made a mockery of the wage negotiation process

Demo for salary hike: 12 factories shut amid workers' protest in Gazipur

At least 12 garment factories of Gazipur were declared closed after workers resumed protests demanding a minimum monthly wage of Tk 23,000

44 BGB platoons deployed for security at RMG factories

Female worker was shot dead yesterday in clash with police following union leaders' rejection of new minimum wage

48 BGB platoons deployed for security of RMG factories

Forty-eight platoons of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) have been deployed in Dhaka and nearby districts to ensure security at garment factories

Minimum wage in RMG sector: Workers reject Tk 12,500, warn of tough demos

The wage board for garment workers has set the minimum salary at Tk 12,500, a little over half of what workers demand.

Tk 12,500 declared as minimum RMG wage

The announcement came from State Minister for Labour Monnujan Sufian

Wage board sits to fix minimum salary for RMG workers

The meeting of the wage board began at its office in Dhaka today to finalise the minimum salary for garment workers in Bangladesh.

March 22, 2018
March 22, 2018

What negotiators should keep in mind

The government of Bangladesh has recently formed a new wage board for the readymade garment (RMG) industry where 4.4 million workers are currently employed. There are around 45 industrial sectors in our country, each with its own set minimum wage. This means that there is no national minimum wage.

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