pahela baisakh

Opinion / Why the backlash against Mongol Shobhojatra is worrying

The backlash against Pahela Baishakh and broader Bengali culture is unlikely to be resolved any time soon.

Baishakh comes with good cheer

We must carry new year’s optimism forward and be united for the greater good

Nothing can dampen the spirits of Charukola students

Preparations underway for celebrating Pahela Baishakh with grandeur

Pahela Baishakh celebration in pictures

Bangalees throughout the country are celebrating Pahela Baishakh, the first day of the Bangla calendar, amid traditional festivities and enthusiasm despite various restrictions.

The Ballad of Baishakh

This beige silk sari paired with a red blouse and traditional jewellery makes you stand out, complemented by the reflected gleam of the sun. If you are more about making a statement than just turning heads, this how you cannot go wrong.

Violence against women increasing, says Anisuzzaman

Despite progress of women in different socio-economic and cultural fields, violence against women is continuing to dim their success, speakers say.

No-hilsa campaign worked well

The sale of hilsa dropped significantly at retail markets the day before Pahela Baishakh, thanks to social media campaigns and calls to

In colour, in festivity

The nation in a most colourful way celebrated Pahela Baishakh on Thursday, despite security concerns and a ban on outdoor

Fifty fall sick after having Baishakh feast

At least 50 people became sick after having food at a Pahela Baishakh programme in Kachua upazila town on Thursday.

April 14, 2016
April 14, 2016

Festivity all around

The Bangla year 1423 arrives, ushering in renewed vigour and a sense of joy among the Bangalees.

April 12, 2016
April 12, 2016

10 tips to survive unbearable summer heat

The summer is here and the heat of the sun is becoming unbearable. Thanks to the Equinox phenomenon (sun's direct position above the equator line), people get heatstroke, fall sick in this season. And children and elder people suffer the most.

April 12, 2016
April 12, 2016

To eat or not to eat Hilsa this Pahela Baishakh

Pahela Baisakh in Dhaka at the Suhrawardi Udyan fare with Hilsa and panta bhat. A writer-poet, now living in Canada, made the claim sometime back that it was he and his group of friends who started the fad.

April 12, 2016
April 12, 2016

9.5 tonnes of hilsa fry seized in Chittagong

A mobile court yesterday seized around 9.5 tonnes of jatka (hilsa fry less than 10 inches in length) worth Tk 2 crore from eight fish cold storages in Chittagong city.

April 12, 2016
April 12, 2016

Hilsa delight for hoarders

Comes Pahela Baishakh, comes opportunity for hilsa hoarders.

April 4, 2016
April 4, 2016

No mask on Pahela Baishakh

The celebration of Pahela Baishakh this year will see a major change as the government has slapped a ban on wearing masks in "Mongol Shovajatra" on Dhaka University campus.