Gunfight in Myanmar

Myanmar Conflict: Boats on Naf spark fear of fresh influx

Amid continuous fighting between Myanmar troops and the armed group called Arakan Army, many residents of Rakhine State have taken shelter on small boats on the Naf river along the border.

Fighting in Myanmar: Balukhali rocked by sounds of gunshots, blasts

The people of Balukhali in Teknaf’s Whykong woke up to the sounds of gunfire and explosions early yesterday.

Gunfire in Myanmar can still be heard in Naikhongchhari

Sounds of gunshots could still be heard today although the situation of bordering areas of Naikhongchhari in Bandarban, Ukhiya and Teknaf in Cox's Bazar remained relatively calm

Myanmar violence spilling into Bangladesh is unacceptable: FM

Foreign ministry summons Myanmar envoy and issues 'strong protest'

264 Myanmar border, security force members now in Bangladesh: BGB

A total of 264 members of Myanmar’s border and security forces have come to Bangladesh to escape the fighting between the Myanmar army and the rebel Arakan Army at the border between the two countries, according to the BGB.

Another mortar shell from Myanmar lands in Ghumdhum

Another mortar shell from Myanmar landed across the border in Bandarban's Ghumdhum union this morning

113 Myanmar BGP members have taken refuge in Bangladesh so far: BGB

One hundred and thirteen members of Myanmar's Border Guard Police (BGP) have crossed the border at Tumbru and taken shelter in Bangladesh, said Border Guard Bangladesh today

Fighting in Myanmar: Blood spills on this side of border

A Bangladeshi woman and a Rohingya man were killed as a mortar shell fired from Myanmar exploded in Bandarban’s Ghumdhum union yesterday.

The safety of our border residents is paramount

Intense fighting on the Myanmar side of the border has raised security concerns

February 5, 2024
February 5, 2024

Myanmar wants to take back troops who fled to Bangladesh: Hasan Mahmud

Myanmar has communicated with Bangladesh about taking back around 100 Border Guard Police (BGP) members who have been crossing the border into Bangladesh since yesterday to escape the Arakan Army's attacks, Foreign Minister Hasan Mahmud said today

February 5, 2024
February 5, 2024

95 Myanmar border troops take refuge in Bangladesh so far: BGB

Ninety-five members of Myanmar's Border Guard Police (BGP) have so far crossed the border at Tumbru into Bangladesh to take refuge from the ongoing gunfight inside Myanmar

February 4, 2024
February 4, 2024

Members of Myanmar security forces entered Bangladesh 'illegally': BGB

Some members of Myanmar's security forces entered Bangladesh amid clashes between the army and the country's rebels last night, the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) said today

February 4, 2024
February 4, 2024

Part of mortar shell lands in Bangladesh as fighting rages on in Myanmar

Part of a "mortar shell" landed in Bangladesh territory near the Ghumdhum border in Bandarban's Naikhongchhari upazila as fighting raged on in Myanmar overnight

February 4, 2024
February 4, 2024

Battle resumes across the border in Myanmar

After a lull for two days, fresh gunfights broke out in Myanmar near Ghumdhum border in Bandarban’s Naikhongchhari upazila yesterday afternoon.

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