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  • Khelar Adda

    It's a great pleasure to have you all here today. The World Cup is turning more and more dramatic by the day, and it's exciting to have such passionate football fans joining us! Let's start with Hamin bhai! Tell us, which is your favorite team?

  • Chandni

    Chandni is back

    Chandni started her acting career at the age of four with ‘Dukhai’. She also won an award in the dance category in ‘Notun Kuri’, a reality talent hunt show for child artists aired on Bangladesh Television. But her career was not confined to dancing alone. She proved her acting prowess with two national awards, one for ‘Lal Shalu’ and the other for ‘Joyjatra’.

  • rendezvous Siam-Puja

    A rendezvous with Siam & Puja

    The romantic saga of Sujon and Pori has taken new turns, as 'Poramon 2', the sequel of Poramon series, has hit the movie theaters this Eid. Youngsters Siam Ahmed and Puja Cherry have played the role of star-crossed lovers in this film. In a recent interview with Star Showbiz, this aspiring duo has talked about their experience of working in the industry thus far, their future plans and the much needed X-Factor that is required for sustainable growth in the showbiz industry.

  • A Tale of Two Stars Mantasha & Brishti

    Winning the country's biggest talent hunt show 'Channel i presents Lux Super Star' is not an easy task. It requires talent and hard work to win titles, tiaras and sashes. This year, an aspiring Fine Arts student Mim Mantasha bagged the coveted title at a glamorous event held at Bangabandhu International Convention Centre on May 11. Sarwat Ajad Brishti, another shining star, became the 1st runner up, leaving three talented girls behind.

  • Pritom Hasan

    In conversation with the sensational Pritom

    I would probably be in the army, if I were not composing music. War movies have always fascinated me and I have always had a lot of respect for army personnel. So yes, if I was not into music, I would definitely have tried becoming an army officer.

  • Nabila & Reem

    A Marriage Made in Heaven - Nabila & Reem

    The match of our very own Masuma Rahman Nabila and corporate honcho Jubaidul Haque Reem makes us believe that marriages are indeed made in heaven. Ever since they tied the knot, this couple inspired us with their love and portrayed a blissful picture of lifelong promises. Two weeks after their marriage, they came to The Daily Star Centre and shared bits and pieces of their beautiful journey together. Let us take you through the journey filled with love and laughter and listen to what this stunning couple has to say about marriage!


    30 years of BAMBA - More than just bands

    After a break of almost four years, Bangladesh Musical Bands Association, better known as BAMBA, recently arranged a mega concert, 'BAMBA Live Chapter 1', in Dhaka. The turnout was huge, with the spacious hall room of the International Convention Centre, Bashundhara, filled to the brim with fans eager to get a glimpse of their favorite bands and listen to their all-time hits. 11 of the 27 bands under the umbrella of BAMBA, including Warfaze, Miles,

  • 25 years of Shurer Dhara

    25 years of Shurer Dhara - Living the ideals of Tagore

    I founded Shurer Dhara in 1992, inspired by my Guru, the gifted Rabindra Sangeet singer Kanika Bandyopadhyay. She has always taught me to sing in my own style and encouraged me to teach my students Tagore songs in my way. She used to say that the style of others will not suit me. Thus, I started Shurer Dhara, with the aim to teach Rabindra Sangeet in my own style.

  • Nagorik Natya Sampradaya

    Making Theatre Great Again

    Nagorik Natya Sampradaya, the first ever theatre group in Dhaka, recently completed its glorious Golden Jubilee. They are also the first group in Bangladesh to sell tickets for a play, which was 45 years ago. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the group performed their marquee acts alongside festive cultural programs in the Bangladesh Mahila Samiti Auditorium from 13th to 15th April 2018 in “Nobo Natter Odhijatra”. A special roundtable took place on 22nd April, where many backstage workers of Nagorik gathered together, and they talked about how to revive theatre and bring it back to the ever-evolving Bangladeshi culture. The meeting was moderated by Star Showbiz's editor, Rafi Hossain and was under the leadership of Sara Zaker, the Vice-Chairperson of Nagorik.

  • Kaushik Hossain Taposh and Farzana Munny

    Taposh & Munny - The Power Couple

    Kaushik Hossain Taposh and Farzana Munny – these two individuals are responsible for reviving the music industry with Bangladesh's premiere music channel, Gaan Bangla TV. At a time where there were concerns about the state and future of the music industry, 'Wind of Change' blew away the audience with its refreshing presentation of Bangla songs, becoming a sensation overnight. The power couple talks about the latest season of the critically acclaimed program, their views on the Bangladeshi music industry and much more in this exclusive interview!