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What started as a blog of and for the adventure-hungry travellers of the country, later upgrading into a website with tourism services has now become a pioneering platform for the sharing of experiences among enthusiasts of a variety of crafts.

FOOD BLOG REVIEW / Culinary delights and exotic places

When travelling, we often overlook many of the lesser-known aspects of the destination which are well worth experiencing.

WEBSITE REVIEW / Mastering Algorithms

Having problems understanding mathematical and logical algorithms? Regretting all the times you slept through lectures, never taking notes because that's what nerds do?

WEBSITE REVIEW / Noisli - Ambient Sounds Perfected

Sometimes, a little relevant background sound is all we need to get into our zones.

WEB SHOW REVIEW / News Comedy. Commercialised.

I am a huge fan of both news comedy and AIB. So, when I heard that AIB were doing a news comedy show, I was particularly excited. The show, however, has fallen quite short of my expectations.

Website Review / Your Ultimate Weekend Planner: JETECHAO

Another weekend is here and you've barely made any plans because, let's face it, there isn't much to do in and around Dhaka. Wrong.

WEBSITE REVIEW / Send Small Packages with Pathao

Pathao is a new service that utilizes bike messengers to send small packages around Dhaka in a short time.