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Internship, Relationship and Friendship sit at a tong…

Internship, Relationship, and Friendship are three childhood friends who never seem to agree with one another. As the three have gotten busy in their own line of work, they hardly get the time to argue with one another. Despite that, they still manage some time once a year to talk about their work and lives.

Internship: It’s a difficult profession you see. Giving young citizens of the nation the opportunity to develop themselves before they fully commit to the professional lifestyle. Whether it’s engineering or the corporate world, you have got to admit the need of internships. I mean, academic education alone can’t help you land your dream job, right?

Relationship: True, but internship isn’t that helpful either. In fact, if I remember correctly, the last time the three of us got together, you were boasting as to how you trick fresh graduates into giving you three or four months of free labour, and then claim that it’s the ‘experience and exposure’ that matters most.

Internship: I don’t trick them into working for free. They fall for it themselves. And besides, the internship I was talking about was at a newly formed ad agency. You know how these start-ups have budget issues at their early stages.

Friendship: Well, I must say, even if the internship is unpaid, it does add value to your resume. Besides, it’s way better to spend your valuable time on an internship than a relationship.

Relationship: Oh please, you’re just jealous because I have more value than friendships. Everyone wants me.

Friendship: No you don’t. You just take a beautiful friendship and ruin it by adding elements such as dating, commitment, feelings, and so on. Can you tell me about the last time a beautiful friendship was not ruined because the two parties involved decided to fall in love with each other?

Relationship: The friendship is not ruined just because the two get into a relationship. It just evolves into something more significant and meaningful. And even if these relationships end abruptly, the participants get to understand themselves and their needs better. If nothing else, sad songs hit you a lot harder during the post-breakup period. A bunch of friends fall apart for the pettiest of reasons and end up calling each other ‘snakes’ for the rest of their time on social media. Also, if I am not mistaken, you are the culprit that makes students think that their first semester friendship will last forever.

Friendship: Still better than making them think that one internship can change their whole life, I guess. I have seen cases where friends worship each other. The love between them is not unrequited, unlike the love that exists between 21st century couples.

Internship: Hey! Don’t attack me just to give your statement a base to stand on. And when you say that people worship friends, you are referring to the TV show right? Even if one internship can’t change someone’s life, it can still give them a lot in terms of experience and exposure. All you get from friendships and relationships is PTSD. 

Friendship: Friends don’t give you PTSD. They help you deal with it and all other problems that you might face in life. Internships make them feel insecure about their own skills to the point where they deem themselves incompetent. On the other hand, being in a relationship makes them question their own sanity. Get your facts straight!

Relationship: Excuse me, but relationships are built on strong foundations of love and trust…

Internship: Ha ha ha! Kids these days find love in dating apps. I don’t see how ‘love and trust’ play a part in this regard.

Relationship: Dating apps cater to a different kind of relationship, something more intimate. You can’t really label that as a ‘relationship’.

Internship: Whatever. Thing is, I am appreciated more than the two of you.

Friendship: Oh, really? How so?

Internship: Young adults get into their first internship programs and they go on to happily announce it to the world. Their loved ones feel proud of them. I am the first step they take into the world of adulthood, and hence, I am appreciated more than you two. No one feels the need to tell their near and dear ones about who their friends are or what their better halves post on Instagram.

Relationship: We are all appreciated equally in one way or another. I suppose it varies from person to person and their preferences. With that said, I am gonna call it a day. It’s been fun arguing with you guys, but I think we have had enough for one day.

Friendship: I agree with you on that. I think all three of us have something to offer to this world, and we should appreciate what the others do. So what say settle this dispute by agreeing that all three of us are equally important?

Internship: I see this as a win-win situation, just like the opportunities I offer to the youth. Just kidding. But alright, let’s call it a day. We are all tired I believe. I think that it is in our best interest to appreciate each other’s work and to help out one another when in need.

As the three then made their way out of the café and back to their own lives, they started to feel slightly better about themselves and the work they did. Appreciating each other was something they agreed upon, but little do they know, that as time passes, they will be drawn to even bitter arguments with one another as this dispute is one that can never be settled.  

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