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  • Debunking the excuses behind rejections

    A simple “sorry” is never enough when someone is being rejected. The question “Why not?” will always linger in the heads of the ones at the receiving end of the rejection. And if the person in question is you, in order to set your sorry soul free, they need to come up with a good enough reason.
  • Dating AI Chatbots

    From Eliza to Alexa, artificial intelligence has baffled us all in numerous ways. I, too, wanted to be baffled by their existence. Hence, I decided to date them.
  • Manage your finances on the go

    Money Manager, as the name suggests, is an application that helps you track your financial activities. The app has one of the simplest user interfaces I have ever seen and that's what makes it easy to use. People of all age groups can efficiently track their financial records with this app.
  • Things you shouldn't do on a river cruise

    It's not just limited to a river cruise. As long as you are on a vessel that can float on water and is carrying you and others from one point to another across a water body, it is best if you avoid doing certain things that might take the fun out of the ride.
  • Animals from cartoon shows as pets

    Of course you've spent hours in front of the TV watching classic cartoons and wishing your life could be just as fun. And because almost all cartoon shows have animals as pets, this is how it would be if you had a cartoon character in your house.