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  • Utilising your university resources

    Your university courses will require you to go through piles of books every semester. There will even be courses where you need more than one book.
  • Basic (and free) digital marketing courses for you to try out

    The exponential growth of brand and business promotions and community outreach in the digital space has given birth to the need for a structured program on digital marketing.
  • Woes of writing a fiction

    As a writer, working on a fictional story is one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking feelings ever. The freedom in writing a fiction is often what makes it difficult to compose.
  • Dealing with a bad haircut

    Nobody said it was easy; no one ever said it would be so hard. Ending up with a bad haircut is not a choice that we make. It's just fate and the barber's own creativity that mess things up for us. But what's done is done. Now cometh the hard part: how are you gonna handle it?
  • Bargaining skills you learn from your mom

    When I was little, I always felt embarrassed about the thought of going out for shopping with my mother. She was fond of bargaining with the shopkeepers whenever the opportunity presented itself.