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How we look and what parents see

Parents always have a say when it comes to their children's appearance.

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Has anything changed about road safety since 2018?

Road accidents leading to deaths have become a norm.

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Who is going to win the 2021 Ballon d’Or?

Competition for the world’s biggest individual football award opens up.


Where the Lost Ones Go

There was a letter from Yana’s grandmother on her nightstand. Which was weird, because just ten minutes ago, she and her parents stood on their porch as her grandmother drove away. Why would she...

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The Crazy World of Celebrity Boxing

Are media personalities breaking down each other a thing now?

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The pressure to be in a relationship

The idea is presented as though it's the only solution to our problems.

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The grey area between books and screen adaptations

Reading and viewing stories have become something of a package deal.

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Are individual awards in football being given the right way?

Football is evolving; so should the award selection process.

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SHOUT Quiz: Which iconic Bangla commercial are you?

Take the quiz below and personally identify with an ad.