Transport strike in Sylhet withdrawn

Photo: Star

After three and a half hours of public suffering, the transport workers in Sylhet have finally lifted their strike tonight (September 22, 2022).

After a meeting with the district administration around 10:30pm, they announced the withdrawal of their strike, reports our local correspondent quoting Moinul Islam, president of Sylhet District Bus Minibus Sramik Union.

Earlier in the day, the transport workers created a stalemate situation in the city since this evening by blocking almost every intersection of Sylhet city without any prior announcements.

The workers have started the strike since 7:00pm by parking their vehicles on the road at all the points to withdraw the case filed against six transport leaders and workers on charges of extortion and snatching at Kotwali Police Station, reports our Sylhet correspondent.

The workers were also seen protesting to press home their demands by burning tyres in some intersections.

Visiting Amberkhana, Shahi Eidgah and Baluchar areas of the city, The Daily Star correspondent found long tailbacks on the road for parking vehicles on the road that brought utmost sufferings for commuters.

Earlier on September 13, transport workers of Sylhet went for an indefinite strike from 6am to meet their five-point demands.

On that night, the transport leaders suspended their strike till October 15 after a meeting with the district administration.

The following day, a transport worker filed a case naming six transport leaders and workers on charges of extortion and snatching.

Moinul Islam, president of Sylhet District Bus Minibus Sramik Union, said they came to know about the case today.

"Then some of our workers went to meet the police commissioner but he misbehaved with them," the transport leader claimed.

Moinul claimed that the person who filed the case had already been expelled from the workers' association and filed a case against them on false charges while police registered the case to put pressure on the transport leaders.

"The workers got angry after being informed about the case and misbehaviour of the police commissioner and started demonstration by blocking the road", he said, adding that the agitation will continue till the police commissioner is removed and the case is withdrawn.

Mohammad Ali Mahmud, officer-in-charge of Kotwali Police Station, Deputy Commissioner (Traffic) of Sylhet Metropolitan Police Faisal Mahmud and Sylhet Metropolitan Police Commissioner Md NisarulArif hung up the calls when The Daily Star phoned them for comments.


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