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  • Two poems by Shaira Afrida Oyshee

    I grew up with pickle jars

  • Tagore and China: A Cambridge Perspective

    Unnoticed I am going away/ Just as nobody saw me come./I clasp my hands and bow my head/As clouds puff up in the west…

  • A Teacher, A Torchbearer

    Each time on the eve of a new semester, it is not absolutely uncommon for any university student to feel overwhelmed for many reasons. Faces of the teachers from the bygone

  • When Olga Grjasnowa Comes to Dhaka

    I met Olga Grjasnowa early this November when she came to a program at ULAB jointly hosted by the University and the Goethe Institute Bangladesh. She had a couple of sessions at the Dhaka Literary Festival too.

  • Land of the Thunder Dragon

    At the end of the waterfall of dying lights from the celestial fireball,

  • Out of Grace

    I don't have it in me I'm a fire that can't ignite I'm a torch that doesn't ignite the light

  • Henpecked

    The harmonium is massive in size. Antique and made of German reeds. Though time's whiplash left dark marks on it, its exquisite face still attracts its viewers.

  • A Girl

    “A girl,” the nurse had said and the mother had frowned. “A girl,” she turned those words over in her head, mumbled them slowly. “A girl,” she said to the nurse, “I hope the world would be fair to her.” The nurse looked motionless as if she heard those words coming out of every mother's mouth.

  • The Other Side of the River

    Under the perky moon, Sitting by my beloved, Surrounded with the guitar

  • From Mir Mosharraf Hossain's Bishad Shindhu (Ocean of Sorrow)

    Why is there no one around? Why is no human being in view? But there are still those in the rooms set aside for them. No changes were visible thus in the quarter where Lord Husayn's kinsmen and women had been kept.