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  • From Tungipara

    Sitting beside the secluded sepulcher Praying for the salvation of your soul,

  • Chawk Bazar, 2019

    The fire of Muspelheim rages In the dark alleys where for ages Ancient arts of beauty have been stockpiled By the masters of money and mind.

  • A Writer's Enigma

    I cannot write. For a month, it lingers. Every morning, I sit in front of my laptop and hope to write something new, something noble. But nothing comes out. Not a word, not a sentence. As if the sea of creativity has dried up.


    Morning walks, or rather ambles, tip-toeing towards the rest of the day. One's day gathers pace seemingly hour by hour after one

  • The Artist

    Like it or not, the sun has all these rising points,

  • Delight in Disorder: South Asian Festival of Sufism and Buddhism

    The last email that I got from the organizers of the South Asian Festival of Sufism and Buddhism (the word Buddhism continued to be

  • Our Debt of Gratitude to Abdul Quadir

    Abdul Quadir (1906-84) was a poet-prosodist, essayist, editor, journalist, literary critic, bibliophile and collector of literary works. He

  • God

    A tiger kept prowling around a village, and naturally, the people became frightened. The cows, the calves and even men were mauled

  • Deconstructing Genre in Writing

    Does a piece of writing have a sex? Not really! It perhaps has a gender, which in French is genre. When it comes to distinguishing one

  • Patna Blues: Travails of a Minority Community

    An enjoyable read, Abdullah Khan's debut novel, Patna Blues is a thought-provoking and moving work as well. It is a book mostly