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    The charm of white walls

    The environment of a room not only expresses its vibe but it also expresses a part of you through it. Different rooms have different functional aspect and decorating each room accordingly is an individualistic choice.

  • Onam in Dhaka

    Kerala is often referred to as 'God's own country', and anybody who has ever visited the state will not disagree. Of course the scenic greenery is part of the whole appeal, but other factors that contribute to the divine beauty of the place...

  • Kitchen tiles

    Long gone are the times when tiles were merely utilitarian elements. No modern house is complete without incorporating easy to clean

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    Tip 10 - Get rid of kitchen smells in 5 minutes

    One of the many reasons that many put off cooking fish is due to the weird smell that remains afterwards. However, one cannot entirely

  • Engineering Instagram

    Midway through my university programme, I realised where my passion truly laid — fashion!

  • Cool down with cucumber packs and cumin seeds

    'Cool as a cucumber' is a phrase that is very true to the intrinsic value of a cucumber. It is one vegetable that is known to have a cooling effect on the body. It is packed with health benefits and is not only good to eat but also has multiple benefits when applied on the skin.

  • Handy tools for better health

    Medical treatment and healthcare in today's fast-paced world is costly.

  • Pointers for a stress free Eid

    A successful Eid party lives on in everyone's memory long after the last glass of punch has been sipped and the last bit of dessert eaten. But the fuss and frustration of planning can be a big party pooper.

  • Ready, Set, Makeup!

    New season means a fresh and trendy look that's completely different from any other year. Isn't that just exciting? Life never seems boring when you are up-to the minute chic and fashionable.

  • Coconut oil for shiny locks

    Ask any elderly lady the secret of their hair care, and they will swear by the humble coconut oil and its gazillion benefits. For thousands of years, we have witnessed Bengali beauties apply coconut oil as the prime ingredient for hair nourishment. But have we ever wondered why this favouritism?