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  • Lucky lips are always kissin’

    In the case of piling up lipsticks, we rarely find a non-enthusiast…but when it comes to lip care regimen, the opposite is true, as most are quite neglectful.

  • The Importance of being skintellectual

    The days of considering the ingredients list at the back of your beauty products are far gone! Thanks to the Internet, numerous forums and beauty bloggers have made it easy for people to understand what really goes on in the making of beauty products.

  • Exam eve fever — the Google solution

    Whether you are a last minute crammer or a perfectionist with carefully detailed notes taken throughout the entire course, sitting for an exam is stressful. While no amount of coffee or sleepless nights can quite take the stress away, thanks to the Internet, there are now plenty of ways to make this journey a little easier.

  • Geriatric care in winter

    While most of us go crazy over purchasing the right winter wear, and opt for the perfect skin care solution and planning activities for the holidays, senior citizens often get left out of the equation. When we talk about care for the elderly, the care comes in many forms, and not just health.

  • The procrastination loop

    Have you ever wondered why something that should only take you ten minutes is left undone even after two months? Whether its clearing out drawer space, or organising your kitchen utensils, one tends to put off mundane tasks until they are entirely impossible to avoid.

  • Seasonal changes and children

    Winter is usually when children love to go out, spend a nice vacation and participate in some fun winter sports. Falling ill takes away all the fun, and not to mention is dreadful to the child and their family, so prevention is always better than cure.

  • Waking up with the perfect hair

    For chilly winter days when you would rather hit the snooze button instead of spending half an hour styling your hair, getting your strands to cooperate can feel exhausting. Imagine if there was a magic formula using which you could just wake up with the perfect hair!

  • Asthma and patient care

    As the weather gets dryer some of us tend to enjoy the reduced humidity. For those who suffer from asthma and breathing issues, this is a terrible time of the year where the dry atmosphere is anything but soothing to the nostrils.

  • Self-care in winter

    A change in the season calls for some changes in our daily routines and habits as well. While it might take a while for our bodies to warm up to the new season, there are surely catalysts that will help with the process while keeping us healthy and well.

  • Wedding Photography Etiquettes

    Photographs are meant to capture special, yet fleeting moments to be cherished later on. It might seem simple enough to hold up a smartphone and click away, but