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  • Winter skin care for your infant

    Winter skin care for your infant

    The winter chills are just beginning to creep in on us. And we are already reaching out for lotions and moisturisers like there is no tomorrow. But slathering on any and all products like these is most definitely not the way to go when it comes to our little ones.

  • Condition wisely

    When it comes to choosing hair cleansing and care products, it should strike a balance between —50 percent of the commercial information; 50 percent of scientist's recommendations.

  • Caring for the mane

    I think it is safe to say that girls go a little starry-eyed when an advert comes up on television showcasing a beautiful woman with head full of gorgeous hair. We all want it, yet are too lethargic to put an effort to get it. Clumsily topsy-turvy-ing our way through hectic schedules; we barely have the time to breathe.

  • All that glitters is probably gold!

    The best way to clean gold jewellery is to soak it in a concoction of warm water and non-detergent based soap. How long you soak it depends on how much debris the piece has accumulated.

  • Comfy with curly

    Having bouncy, curly hair is definitely a blessing but boy oh boy, it can be an utter disaster if you're going through a bad hair day. To twirl your curls in the air is a dream come true and you can have it only when you know the tricks to getting your big hair pride switch on!

  • Trick for the treats with makeup

    Halloween is here. A lot of you have been anticipating this for a year now. And some of you just happen to go for the tricks and stay for the treats.

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    The charm of white walls

    The environment of a room not only expresses its vibe but it also expresses a part of you through it. Different rooms have different functional aspect and decorating each room accordingly is an individualistic choice.

  • Onam in Dhaka

    Kerala is often referred to as 'God's own country', and anybody who has ever visited the state will not disagree. Of course the scenic greenery is part of the whole appeal, but other factors that contribute to the divine beauty of the place...

  • Kitchen tiles

    Long gone are the times when tiles were merely utilitarian elements. No modern house is complete without incorporating easy to clean

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    Tip 10 - Get rid of kitchen smells in 5 minutes

    One of the many reasons that many put off cooking fish is due to the weird smell that remains afterwards. However, one cannot entirely