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  • Tip toes!

    HEELS make us feel confident, look slimmer and taller. It takes a little practise to walk boldly in high heels.

  • Headache therapy

    STRESS and tension lead to headache. In this case, sleeping in a dark room might help reduce the pain.

  • Noborupa's summer collection

    Pohela Boishakh calls for a change of style for all Bangladeshi people. With that in mind, Noborupa's new collection is designed keeping these two things in mind.

  • Office files

    Stocking documents and papers properly is vital indeed. A disorganised and cluttered desk itself is enough to steer up stress.

  • Non-dietary use of salt

    To remove coffee/tea stains, sprinkle salt on the spill to absorb the liquid.

  • Garlic groove!

    We all despise the common cold and a simple home remedy for it would just be a god send.

  • A ginger a day

    Ginger can aid digestion. It is believed to increase saliva and other digestive fluids, improving indigestion and other related problems.