pop up

Tracing trends

Think iconic Marilyn Monroe photoshoots and vintage Pepsi ads. Think puffed up hair and winged eyeliners.

Do you know what they all have in common? Not only were they extremely popular at some point through the decades, they also became an accurate representation of their era.

Just like how you cannot think of the '50s without Elvis Presley, or the 1990s without Shakira's 'hips don't lie', you can't think of the '80's without the puffed hair!

And that perhaps, is the closest one can come to actually defining what pop culture is all about.

Compiling a list of all things 'trending' is simple for the west. All one needs to do is keep tabs on London-Paris-New York Fashion weeks and check out the billboard charts.

Unlike the west, cultural trends here are rather vague thanks to the varied interests among the youth. Rigid framework of fitting things into boxes fail when it comes to defining pop culture here. 

"Nemesis, Cryptic fate and Chirkut are what come to my mind when I think of pop culture. You should see their concerts!  Always packed and the energy of the people is so refreshing," says Afrida, 22. "Or perhaps, it's the huge lines at Cineplex before every Marvel movie," she added.

Granted Marvel movies are not something that originated in the country, but plenty of elements of Bengali pop culture are acquired from other parts of the world. Take the hits you dance at holuds for an instance. Almost everyone knows the lyrics to these songs, and yet, almost all of them are Bollywood hits.

Even when you think of fashion, there's always a global influence. How many times have you searched for off-shoulders or crop tops at Doja and been disappointed?

If you aren't into Western fashion, you have Pakistani lawns, Indian lehengas, and Kashmiri shawls to catch your attention. The 'deshi' twist, however, includes opting for glass bangles and teeps.

"To me, trend is more about what is on the rise than what's already in. For example, the art scene in the city has been really flourishing recently. With art summits and private exhibitions, young artists are taking things to a whole new level," explains Mohsin, 26.

"I personally love rickshaw art. It's gotten more popular recently, and each of the artists has their own take on it," he added.

Call it trend, or pop culture — it is continuously evolving. From the countless local memes to the overnight hit song, it's an ever-growing stack that defines the youth —one that consists of not only things of Bengali heritage, but incorporates elements on a global scale. Whether it's another hilarious Raba Khan skit or the new collection of Taaga or even a popular movie Bangla dub, perhaps, this stack is what defines the potential of the youngsters.

It defines their ability to adapt and keep up with the world without losing what's inherently theirs.


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