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  • A tête-à-tête with Azra Mahmood: The standards of beauty

    With society setting near-impossible beauty standards for women, the pressure felt by girls to conform has never been greater.
  • Halloween myths and why they exist

    The origin of Halloween comes from the land of the Celts, now modern day France and the British Isles. According to Celtic myths, the dead reside in a faraway land of eternal youth and happiness, called Tir nan Og, and that one could only communicate with the dead during the turning of the year.
  • Jeans all the way

    The quality of jeans depends on the fabric used and the stitching, as it determines the longevity of the jeans. Heavier denims are often of higher quality than lightweight ones since more threads have been used. Heavier denim also lasts longer and softens over time, thus hugging your curves better.
  • Roll Xpress Café in Dhanmondi

    Being a hot favourite for Indian cuisine in Banani, Roll Xpress Cafe has now expanded its reach to Dhanmondi. With a wide range of succulent goodness that
  • ‘Weekend Spirit’ with MIB

    Providing a platform for busy urbanites to relax, enjoy and connect with their roots, MIB seasonal meetups have won the hearts of many Dhakaites.