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  • Adiba Mahbub Proma

  • Tracing trends

    Think iconic Marilyn Monroe photoshoots and vintage Pepsi ads. Think puffed up hair and winged eyeliners. Do you know what they all have in common? Not only were they extremely popular at some point through the decades, they also became an accurate representation of their era.
  • Hair salon small talks

    When it comes to hair care, you are probably bombarded with a variety of different, and quite often, contradicting advice.
  • Friends or just friendly?

    Among the countless hangouts at neighbourhood 'tongs', making friends at school never quite seemed like a big deal. Yet, the minute you hit adulthood, genuine friendships become a rare sight.
  • Juggle struggle

    What seemed like an impossible job for the world, even a few decades ago, is now the reality for many women.
  • Gym makeup — Style or Insanity!

    Yet, quite often the only time you get to hit the gym is after a long day of work where chances are you have makeup on and 'no time to take it off' or your gym days sadly coincide with the days when your skin happens to be uncooperative.