8 tips to slow down ageing

8 tips to slow down ageing
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Ageing is a natural process and try as one may, it is impossible to stop the clock or turn it around. However, there are certain healthy habits, both external and internal, that one can arm themselves with to slow down the process, and age much more gracefully than one would otherwise.


Wash away sebum secretions and moisturiser residue from the night, and give yourself a clean slate every morning. Use cold water to rejuvenate the skin, tighten pores, and boost circulation. Stick to a gentle cleanser to maintain skin balance as opposed to harsh products with high pH and sulphates.

Nightly routine

A healthy night time skincare regimen includes taking off makeup, cleansing skin, using a toner, serum and moisturiser, and getting a good, eight-hour rest. No matter how lazy you feel, taking off makeup is a must if you wish to avoid clogged pores and zits. The toner-serum-moisturiser routine should be religiously followed if you want consistently healthy skin and one should never skip on the rest because the skin needs this time to heal itself.

Natural sunscreen

While it is important to use an external sun cream, it is even more important to eat skin foods that protect against UV rays such as dark chocolate, and tomatoes. These foods contain antioxidants that help prevent sunburn and lower the risk of skin cancer.


Older skin can lose its natural suppleness and is not able to replenish itself naturally. Scrub away dead skin cells with a gentle exfoliator so that the skin does not look uneven or rough and comes out looking softer and healthier. Instead of using sugar scrubs which can be too rough, opt for gentle exfoliants like alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) such as glycolic or lactic acid.


Serums work better than creams as they are loaded with active ingredients. Choose serums with vitamin A derivatives such as retinoids and vitamin C that help build collagen and double as antioxidants that combat oxidative stress — a major culprit of ageing skin.

Hydrate your skin

Ageing skin tends to lose natural oils and get drier over time. Just as it is important to drink plenty of fluids, it is also important to layer moisturiser onto the skin to prevent a papery, stretchy feeling. Look for water-binding agents like glycerine, hyaluronic acid, and petroleum jelly. These are good ingredients in your moisturisers.


Exercise does all kinds of positive things to one's skin, including increasing blood flow and flushing it with oxygen and a magic protein called IL-15 that can make skin look at least 10 years younger. A good exercise spell also helps you sweat and thereby release toxins, stress, and anxiety.

Cut down on sugar

Sugar accelerates the ageing process and it is best to swap sweet foods for antioxidants that the skin so desperately needs to retain collagen and elasticity. Foods rich in antioxidants include berries, avocadoes, olive oil, oily fish like salmon, citrus fruits, nuts, and seeds.