Fakhrul gets bail in one more case

A Dhaka court granted bail to BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir and party standing committee member Amir Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury yesterday in a case filed with Paltan Police Station over violence centring the October 28 rally in Dhaka.

4m ago

Dhaka’s air most polluted in the world this morning

Dhaka has once again topped the list of cities worldwide with the worst air quality, with an AQI of 219 at 8:54am today

7m ago

US TV provider given first-ever space debris fine

US authorities have issued a "breakthrough" first-ever fine over space debris, officials said Monday, slapping a $150,000 penalty on a TV company that failed to properly dispose of a satellite

7m ago

Democratic transition prerequisite for inclusive economy

A democratic transition has emerged as a prerequisite for an inclusive and sustainable economy, said a noted economist today.

8m ago

Offbeat / Cat stuck in taxi's grille travels 500 miles in Wales

A cat was found to have travelled over 500 miles while it was trapped in the grille of a taxi. The cat was discovered by a taxi driver named Tom Hutchins in Tonyrefail, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Wales.

9m ago

Offbeat / Traffic police officers in Ahmedabad, India donning 'AC helmets'

Ahmedabad Traffic Police, in an innovative solution to tackle the intensity of the summer, has introduced special 'AC helmets' to officers on duty. A recently viral video in India shows constables wearing these AC helmets while controlling the traffic in the streets of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

9m ago

Can others dare play catch-up with India?  

India re-evaluated themselves against skilled Asian teams, having repelled Lebanon in similar fashion in the semi-finals, but what will the rest of the South Asian participating nations take away from the tournament? From here on, how do they gauge their standards relative to India’s ever-accelerating progress?

10m ago

US-Bangla secures 5th place among South Asian airlines

US-Bangla Airlines secured 5th position among South Asian airlines in the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2023

11m ago

Within the narrative folds of ‘Amar Dekha Rajnitir Ponchash Bochhor’ by Abul Mansur Ahmad

Amar Dekha Rajnitir Ponchash Bochhor unfolds a very complex process of how the people create cultures, how cultures create political orders, how orders lead to the formation of political parties, how these parties engage with political activities, and how this in turn shapes the central powers in a state.

1y ago

‘I enjoy being alone’: Helal Hafiz

Helal Hafiz has been suffering from glaucoma for a long time, alongside complications with his kidney, diabetes and nerve complications.

1y ago

‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’—One series to fail them all?

What point is Lord of the Rings making in 2022? That people are racist and wage wars? The original trilogy, from two decades ago, was making that same point.

1y ago

No country for honest men in Shahidul Zahir’s “Woodcutter and Crows”

Zahir uses crows as a symbol of magic realism, as found in local folklore, where animals serve as omens of luck both good and bad. The crows seem to bring bad luck to the couple, and wherever they go, the birds follow.

1y ago

Writer becomes bestseller after his own employer buys copies worth 9 crore

Chulbul, who has written 29 books of poetry in his career spanning 9 months, characterises his style as introspective, post-modernist neo-absurdism.

1y ago

In the name of “right to protest”, BNP-Jamaat maintained notorious political culture: Joy

Over a period of two decades, BNP in collaboration with its extremist ally Jamaat-e-Islami and its student wing Islami Chhatra Shibir maintained a notorious political culture marked by homicidal assaults on law enforcement and innocent bystanders, premeditated vandalism and firebombing on transportation, arson attacks against minorities and other communities, and the assassination of political opponents in the name of “right to protest”, Prime Minister’s ICT Adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy posted on his verified Facebook page.

1y ago

Rage is not singular for immigrants in Sabaa Tahir's novel

“What’s the word for when someone drinks so much, they are ruining your best friend’s life? Or the word for a man so vengeful about his own past that he wants to destroy your future? What’s the word for a woman who was sick for months, but refused to go to the doctor until it was too late?"

1y ago

What impact did the Partition have on Dhaka's book trade?

The impact of the 1947 Partition was felt in every aspect of Dhaka's printing and publishing business, and the book trade in the new provincial capital took a momentous turn. How did it impact the booksellers, printers, and the material being published? 

1y ago

87% Bangladeshi women harassed at least once; public transport riskiest: Survey

An online survey of over 5,000 women spread across 24 districts of the country has revealed that nearly 87 percent of them have faced some form of harassment at least once in their lives.

1y ago

‘The danger in telling a single Partition story is that it completely erases the individual’

1947 was overtaken almost immediately by the language question, and the question of identity.

1y ago
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