Ctg-8 By-polls / Awami League nominates Noman Al Mahmud

Awami League Chattogram city unit’s Organising Secretary Noman Al Mahmud has been given the party’s nomination for the Ctg-8 constituency by-polls scheduled to be held on April 27.

‘Like a morning after a nuclear attack’

A World Bank team that visited different areas of war-torn Bangladesh in June 1971 likened Kushtia to a bombed-out “WWII German town”.

National Library Day / The untapped potential of our public libraries

There are few public libraries across the city which can be considered to have a decent book collection in both Bangla and English.

William Dalrymple plays a role in world’s largest Commonwealth heritage conservation programme

The 216-year-old building of the former British Residency of Hyderabad (also known as Koti Residency or Hyderabad Residency) has been fully restored after a remodelling work of nearly 20 years.

SHOUTxDS Books presents ‘Slam Poetry Nights’ — Episode 4

Returning for its 4th instalment, December's Slam Poetry Nights was different in several ways.

IEA Report: Global coal use

Global coal consumption is set to rise to an all-time high this year and remain at similar levels in the next few years if stronger efforts are not made to move to a low-carbon economy, a report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) said yesterday.

‘I am innocent, why is my bail being delayed?’

She was arrested by Rampura police on November 10 in a case filed over the death of Buet student Fardin Noor Parash. On Wednesday, DB said they found that Bushra was not involved in his death.

The price of victory: 1971 and the mental health of a generation

What has never been discussed is the impact of these memories, the persisting scars they left in people's minds.

WORTH A RE-READ: NONFICTION / Within the narrative folds of ‘Amar Dekha Rajnitir Ponchash Bochhor’ by Abul Mansur Ahmad

Amar Dekha Rajnitir Ponchash Bochhor unfolds a very complex process of how the people create cultures, how cultures create political orders, how orders lead to the formation of political parties, how these parties engage with political activities, and how this in turn shapes the central powers in a state.



PAKISTAN LYING, STILL / 195 Pak soldiers can still be tried

Pakistan army's 195 officers are morally and legally culpable for the genocide of 1971 and Bangladesh has the moral and legal rights to try them. Pakistan's excuse of the 1974 agreement does not give it reprieve.

PAKISTAN LYING, STILL / Shame they hid for 28 years

Pakistan's own Hamoodur Rahman Commission found “sufficient evidence” to try the top army generals, including Yahya Khan, for committing atrocities in Bangladesh but Bhutto kept the report under wraps to save the face of the powerful army and satisfy his own hunger for power.

PAKISTAN LYING, STILL / Partners in the genocide

We have used Pakistani sources--books written by Pakistani military officers involved in the operations in East Pakistan in 1971 and the report of a chief justice of Pakistan--to compile these reports to show the extent and complicity of the Pakistan Government and its military in the genocide, destruction, and uprooting of tens of millions of Bangalis in 1971. The facts speak for themselves.

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Star Multimedia

How did hundred crore taka budget go past lakh crore?

What is the national budget? What is the history of the budget? Since when did the government start using the budget as a tool to manage the income and expenditure of a country and provide funds for development expenditures? And how did Bangladesh's budget increase to this existing volume?

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