Creative Work as Protest / Framing the injustices against RMG workers in Bangladesh

On April 24, 2013, the collapse of Rana Plaza—a building that housed seven garment factories in Savar—killed at least 1,176 people.

How to look after a book

Too often, we perceive books as invincible, inanimate objects. But their history is as ancient as it is ambiguous—what is a book

culture / What's in a meme?

You know these images and the messages they denote because they've become iconicised through innumerable online shares and tagged posts and messages.

Culture / Reunifying Rumi

There are many versions of the legendary first encounter between Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi and his spiritual mentor Shams of Tabriz. Most describe the moment as Rumi, the religious scholar, sitting by a pond, immersed in his scholarly reading, when Shams, a stranger to him, comes by and asks him what he is doing. “You will not understand,” Rumi is reported to have replied, upon which Shams throws all of Rumi's books in the pond. But the books spring back up dry, defying the laws of physics. At this point, Shams is reported to have said, “But you do not understand.”

culture / Jatra

Thus thunders the hero, his voice reaching far and wide, capturing the full attention of his audience. The language of jatra...

The Beauty of Performance Arts

Is art a personal expression or very public? How have artists used their bodies as vessels for expressing social and political views while presenting stimulating and thought provoking contemporary art?

Culture / Of Love and Freedom in Tibet

"i have two fathers,” said the young man proudly. Noticing my confused look, he added, “that means, my mother has two husbands at the same time."

CULTURE / The Legend of Life and Love

Composed between 13th to 18th century AD, Mangal Kavya is one of the most precious treasures of Bengali literature.