DNCC to monitor kitchen markets during Ramadan: Mayor Atiqul

Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) Mayor Md Atiqul Islam today said they would monitor the kitchen markets strictly to keep supply of daily essentials and its prices in a stable state during the month of Ramadan.

Chicken price unthinkable

With Ramadan less than a week away, the high prices of chicken and meat are not likely to come down anytime soon.

Soaring Prices of Essentials: Low-income people hit hard

Riazul Haque, manager of a wholesale rice shop in the capital’s Mirpur, usually goes to Kachukhet kitchen market with Tk 500 every Friday.

Essential commodities: Price rise for global hike not justified

Whenever the price of a commodity increases in the local market, the traders and wholesalers have the readymade excuse of a price hike in the international market. But a recent study by an intelligence agency found their justification to be unsubstantiated.

Essentials’ prices: 44 cases filed over market manipulation

Bangladesh Competition Commission has filed 44 cases against a host of individuals and organisations, accusing them of creating an artificial crisis that led to abnormal hikes in prices of items like rice, flour, eggs, poultry and toiletries.

Subsidised rice for 1.5cr poor

The government today starts selling rice at subsidised prices in an effort to give respite to the poor and low-income earners and bring stability to the volatile rice market.

Poor, middle class: Soaring rice price deepens their plight

Azmat Ali is a daily wage earner in the northern district of Lalmonirhat. Just a week ago, he bought coarse rice for Tk 44-45 a kg. But yesterday he found the price of the staple rose to Tk 52.

Price hike of essentials: Crooked traders to blame

The government is taking a host of measures to cool down the overheated prices of essentials in the wake of the record fuel price hike earlier this month, which is expected to escalate the already elevated official inflation figures.

Rice prices go up again

People’s struggle to cope with the escalating cost of living continues as the price of rice increased yesterday for the second time in just four days.

Further blow to consumers

People struggling to keep up with rising prices of essentials have to spend even more on food since the government hiked fuel prices a week ago. 

Diesel driving up prices of vegetables

The recent hike in diesel price increased truck fares by 22-25 percent, leading to rice, vegetables and some essentials to become dearer in the capital.

Refiners want soybean up Tk 20 a litre

Edible oil processors have proposed a hike of Tk 20 per litre in the price of soybean oil on the ground of the significant depreciation of the taka, which has raised their import cost.

TCB starts sale of essentials to 1 crore families

The state-run Trading Corporation of Bangladesh yesterday started selling essential items across the country at subsidised rates to one crore low-income families that have TCB cards.

Soybean oil price drops by Tk 14 a litre

The bottled soybean oil price has been reduced by Tk 14 a litre at retail.

Fish, vegetable prices go up in Khulna after Eid

The wholesale and retail prices of vegetables and fish have shot up in Khulna right after Eid celebrations, due to inadequate supply -- creating a burden for those belonging to the lower-income group.

Now toiletries dearer too: Prices steadily increase

Amid rising prices of food essentials and other basic necessities, the recent hike in prices of toiletries and other homecare products has added a new burden for people.