New way for extortion

Cleaners of Dhaka City Corporations dumped a huge pile of garbage in front of Standard Chartered Bank in Gulshan-1 after the bank authorities refused to pay them 'tips'. This photo was taken on January 13, 2016. Photo: Star

In a bizarre incident, cleaners of Dhaka City Corporations have dumped large quantity of stinky garbage in front of some business establishments in Gulshan after the offices refused to pay them ‘tips’.

Standard Chartered Bank is one of the victims.

Visiting the SCB headquarters office near Gulshan-1 intersection this morning, The Daily Star found a huge pile of garbage sending strong stench in the area.

The pile of garbage dumped by the DCC cleaners was stinking up the Gulshan-1 area. The photo was taken on January 13, 2016. Photo: Star

Pedestrians using the walkway in front of the office were seen covering their noses as they crossed the spot

Some cleaners recently demanded that the Standard Chartered Bank to pay them some ‘tips’.

As the bank authorities did not agree to pay them the money, some cleaners went to the place with a truckload of garbage and unloaded it there.


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