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  • Mustapha Khalid Palash celebrates his birthday today

    Today marks the 55th birth anniversary of renowned architect, painter and multi instrumentalist-singer Mustapha Khalid Palash, the co-founder of Delvistaa Foundation.
  • Celebrating Shahabuddin Ahmed at Shilpakala today

    Today marks the 69th birthday of internationally-famous Bangladeshi artist Shahabuddin Ahmed. The freedom fighter's bold brush famously depicts the Liberation War of Bangladesh. Shahabuddin's paintings delve into contemporary life and times.
  • Gallery Cosmos' ode to Bangladeshi scenic beauty

    A fifteen-day long group art exhibition titled 'Mrinmoy Bangla' was inaugurated at Gallery Cosmos in Dhaka on September 7. Artworks by four promising artists Juton Chandra Roy, Sumon Kumar Sarkar, Mohammad Kamruzzoha and Manik Banik are showcased at the exhibition.
  • A peek into Mahmuda Tuli's State of Mind

    Promising photographer Mahmuda Tuli's first solo exhibition titled State of Mind was opened at Kalakendra, Mohammadpur on September 7. Curated by noted artist Wakilur Rahman, the colourful, experimental and bold exhibition deals with a layer of the featured photographer's diverse state of mind.
  • Rendezvous with a living legend TETSUYA NODA

    Famous contemporary artist, a living legend printmaker of Japan, the nephew of eminent oil painter and muralist Hideo Noda, Tetsuya Noda is a Professor Emeritus of the Tokyo University of the Arts. Since 1968, Noda's works have been inspired by his daily life -- his family, people he knows, his children's stories and the scenery along his way.