Portraying bucolic beauty of Bangladesh

Samar Majumder’s solo exhibition concludes today

Renowned artist Samar Majumder's third solo exhibition, titled "Soul Searching: A Personal Journey" took place at the Shilpangan, Lalmatia. The month-long exhibition concludes today.

The artist's singular style occupies time-honoured folk motifs and Bengali ballads. Throughout his entire life and artistic career, Majumder persistently experiments with newer modes of expression -- his compositions are natural, as they relate to the soul, soil and the bucolic beauty of Bangladesh. He consciously takes his artistic muse and strength from human feelings and emotions.  

Art lovers can easily connect his simplistic forms that engage his ideas in a dialectical exploration of metaphors, nuances and meanings. Yet, at the same time, they depict different expressive modes.

Closely observing the lives of village people, artisans, farmers and the nature of rural Bangladesh, the artist has adeptly depicted common characters of pastoral Bangladesh displayed in the exhibition.


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