Taaseen Mohammed Islam

The world of young makeup artists

The makeup scene in Bangladesh is about to take off.

1w ago

Miley Cyrus captures L.A. vibes in “Endless Summer Vacation”

Endless Summer Vacation seems to signal the end of Cyrus’ experimental era and establish herself in a sound that is unmistakably hers.

2w ago

People you see at Banijjo Mela

If the Met Gala is the pinnacle of western fashion, Banijjo Mela is its Bangladeshi counterpart.

Birthday blues are a real problem

Having a case of the birthday blues means feeling sad and apathetic towards your special day.

Coming to terms with being a klutz

Clumsiness is often the biggest tell of someone being klutzy.

Could university clubs be overrated?

University clubs come with their slew of pitfalls.

The White Lotus: Unbridled chaos in lush paradise

It’s all you need to escape this freezing winter.

A guide to soft-launching your new phone on social media

A soft launch is a preview given to a restricted audience before a full-scale launch is done.

Is popularity a high school myth?

In high school, we all fall prey to a hierarchy that dictates our standing and experience throughout those long years. Don’t get me wrong.

Is popularity a high school myth?

The concept of popularity seems like an extra ordeal to the chaotic rat race that the last couple of years of secondary schooling is. 

Types of people you see at a concert

The next time you venture out to a concert, keep your eyes peeled for these people.

Her Loss is somewhat of an artistic evolution for Drake

The record may venture out and explore new territory, but it doesn't leave a mark like his early music used to.

New fixation: Watching chiropractic adjustments

Within a few days, my feed was an amalgamation of chiropractic adjustments, whether long-form stories or YouTube shorts.

Autumn Anxiety and how to deal with it

Summer is not everyone’s preferred season. The glaring sunlight, burning heat, and sweltering humidity in tropical climates like ours can make it a not-so-pleasant season.

Dealing with a parent’s social media addiction

Before, parents used to be concerned about their children's internet habits. Now it's different.

Car rides with friends are underrated

A car ride in Dhaka traffic is mind-numbing, unless shared with friends.

Types of people you see in a university cafeteria

We are now entering the cafeteria of Bidirectional University.

Hollywood films beyond generic blockbusters

Blockbuster fatigue is a core reason for the recent revival of art films.

Why is working part-time as a student stigmatised?

There is a deep-rooted stigmatisation of working as a student, especially in the service industry.

Beyoncé’s Renaissance is a cosmic and groovy summer album

Beyonce pushes the boundaries of what an album can be with her latest project.

Did the pandemic make me a worse person?

Does post-pandemic social awkwardness stand in our way?

Types of people in a Rich-kid Friend group

You've watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S, now brace yourselves for its deranged gulab-jamun and jalebi eating North Dhaka version.

What does “sampling” add to music?

Sampling is a tool used widely in the industry and is arguably one of the foundational or primary components of modern music.

How to cope with a friend’s vacation as a broke person

Travel envy is a leading cause of breaking up friendships, pent up anger, and hostility amongst young people.

Could Ms. Marvel create a positive shift in Muslim representation?

Ms. Marvel seems to be shedding some age-old Hollywood stereotypes.

Dua Lipa’s podcast is "At Your Service"

Throughout each episode, interviewees talk about their careers, failures, and what keeps them going.

Full-time internships for students don’t make sense

Full-time internships for full time students? Something doesn't add up.

Why I’m okay with leaving joint families in the past

Joint families dying out may not entirely be a bad thing