Types of people you see at a concert

Different people at a concert.
Design: Fatima Jahan Ena

Concerts are still a rarity in Bangladesh, but every now and then a handful of soloists and bands are either thrown into ICCB or Army Stadium to perform a set of overplayed songs from 2017. And sadly, we Bangladeshis have to make do with this and scuffle over tickets. So, the next time you venture out to a concert, keep your eyes peeled for these people.

The foreigners in the VIP section

Have you ever seen a foreigner aimlessly staring at the stage from a premium seat with the interest of someone watching paint dry? The poor man was probably obligated to attend the event and feels jarred by the strange foreign music, flashing lights, and screaming attendees he's being subjected to. Furthermore, the guy is probably sweating buckets while internally experiencing overwhelming boredom and an adrenaline rush at the same time. 

The children

You know you are in Bangladesh when a random hyperactive child is present anywhere you go. And why should concerts be an exception? Some parents think concerts filled with riled and enthusiastic crowds of stomping 20-year-olds are the perfect places to bring and neglect their 8-year-old. However, a big fuss is made when the children get lost, and the concertgoers are vilified for endangering the child. Finally, it ends the only way Bangladeshi parents know how to deal with their delinquent child – with a strongly worded rebuke and a crying kid. 

The people being forced to attend

"What is this music? I ONLY listen to AMERICAN songs." – that one Baridhara girl bought here by her boyfriend. These people are the easiest ones on this list to spot. Chances are they'll be blankly standing next to their friends, trying to make the best out of the night. But it's more likely they'll be loudly airing out their disdain for the concert and music, very loudly and explosively. If you want to ruin your concertgoing experience, make a point to be near these people.  

People who go for the sake of the 'gram

You'll find some wide-eyed people swarming around the mosh pit during the encore, armed with their phones trying to get a perfectly angled clip for their Instagram account. If you look closely, you'll also see them recede into the back of the crowd after these sporadic bursts of excitement. Aside from taking a few selfies and recording the encores, this person is completely indifferent and withdrawn during the entire concert. Ironically, this is the same person who's going to be raving about having the best time across multiple social media platforms.

The red-eyed people

Or should I say the red-eyed peas? Get it? Yeah, I'll head out. We both know why these fine people have bloodshot eyes and a "spiritual" scent. This crowd is also fully living it up, screaming out the wrong lyrics, violently thrashing around the mosh pit, and eagerly waiting to scuffle with security.

Turns out Taaseen Mohammed Islam can write semi-decently at the expense of being able to do basic math. Send him pointers at [email protected]


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