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  • Mrittika Anan Rahman

    Mrittika Anan Rahman is a daydreamer trying hard not to run into things while walking. Find her at


    With the changing nature of the job market and brand new majors being introduced in universities every few years, choosing a field of study becomes complicated and disorienting. While many options may be new or tempting, one option that is very close to home remains open to us — Bangla.
  • I walk into an art exhibition…

    Two years ago, I was in a bad place, mentally. Life became mundane and grey. I went to Dhaka Art Summit dragging myself from underneath the covers, hoping for an afternoon that would distract me and frankly, give me something to do.
  • Take tourist photos, responsibly

    What the meaning of travel is and what one seeks from a trip are as subjective as questions can get.

    On our newsfeeds, it is far too common to see inspirational quotes plastered on a picture of a famous entrepreneur being passed off as a motivational post.
  • A Winter Wonderland

    “Gather around, folks. We hope you’re enjoying your day at our amusement park. I know you’re all excited for your turn inside our newest attraction.