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  • Oh life, let us be true again to art

    There is a famous quote by Picasso: “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” While not completely agreeing with the legendary painter, I would rather say inspiration exists, but you have to seek it travelling.

  • Shishir Bhattacharya inspires young minds

    Shishir Bhattacharya inspires young minds

    A two-day art workshop for schoolchildren concluded at Barnamoy Kush Niketan (BKN) premises in Thakurgaon town this weekend.

  • Art and science project on Rampal

    To educate people with science and art, a five-day combined art and science project is now on at Hurrka village, Rampal, Bagerhat. The project will feature four science-based workshops and an art competition.

  • Rondanini Pietà: Michelangelo's final masterpiece

    As part of a short-term scholarship by Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen to the Deutsche Welle Akademie, I had the opportunity to spend two months in Germany, and I tried to make the most of my time by utilizing the weekends to see as much of Europe and its arts as possible.

  • Prize distribution ceremony at Zainul Gallery

    The High Commission of India, in association with University of Dhaka (DU), organised an art competition titled “India@Bangladesh” for young and talented art students from seven universities and specialised art institutions at the Faculty of Fine Art (FFA), DU from August 11 to13.

  • Tajuddin Ahmed, Syed Iqbal and Laila Sharmeen

    From Bangladesh with love

    Tajuddin is a natural colourist. Colour for him has its own volume and texture. His canvas is a celebration of colours and how they guide the forms is an interesting experience for viewers.

  • Muhammad Ali

    The legend lives on

    A month long solo painting exhibition paying tribute to legendary boxer Mohammad Ali began on July 30 at Bay's Gallery in Radius Centre, in the capital's Gulshan. There are 32 paintings by Proshanto Karmakar tracing Ali's life from youth to old age.

  • Serenading the songs of nature "Water Journey" by Karu Titas

    The beautiful landscapes and natural beauty of Bangladesh often serve as a muse for noted artist Karu Titas.

  • Afghan fury as Iran, Turkey claim Rumi

    Who can lay claim to Rumi, the Sufi mystic who is one of the world's most beloved poets? A bid by Iran and Turkey to do so has exasperated Afghanistan, country of his birth eight centuries ago.

  • Beautification with Henna

    What with Eid approaching, people are going helter skelter to touch-up their hair and hands with “mehdi”--both to look their best and keep with an old tradition of Bangladesh.