Sunamganj haor

Top 6 places to travel in Sunamganj

A scenic place full of beautiful haors, serene rivers, and culturally diverse monuments, Sunamganj, situated in the Sylhet division of north-eastern Bangladesh, is a place that travel enthusiasts will fall in love with. Whether you want to go for a single day tour or take your time to visit the beautiful places spread around the district, we recommend these 6 places to be part of your next travel itinerary.

Why aren’t we looking at climate-based solutions to address flooding?

Doing so could help avoid the yearly sufferings of many vulnerable and poor citizens.

Farmers facing loss despite high yield

The haor farmers in Sunamganj have achieved a bumper production of Boro but are being badly hit by the low market price.

Haor worried over harvest

Water entered the paddy fields in 88 villages of Sunamganj's Tahirpur and Dhamapasha upazilas early on Thursday after part of the Naotana dyke along the Tanguar Haor had been cut allegedly by some local fishermen.

WDB asks Sunamganj farmers for quick harvest of paddy

As water levels start rising in the Haor basin areas of Sunamganj, Water Development Board have been urging farmers in the area to harvest their paddy as soon as possible.

Havoc in haors: 140 sued for 'irregularities' in Sunamganj

One hundred and forty persons including 16 government officials have been sued in Sunamganj for their negligence and irregularities in construction of embankments that collapsed causing the flash flood in haor regions earlier in April.

PM warns of action against inflated food price for "flood"

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina warns of tough actions against hoarding of food grains and inflated food price on the plea of sudden flood in the northeastern haor region.

Hope in haors

Farmers and public representatives have reiterated their demand for declaring Sunamganj haor belt a disaster zone prior to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's visit to the area today.

Haor havoc: ‘2.72 lakh people affected in Sunamganj’

A total of 2.72 lakh people have been affected by the flash flood in haor areas of Sunamganj, the local lawmaker says.

April 25, 2017
April 25, 2017

Radiation not alarming

Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC) yesterday confirmed that the radiation levels in the samples of water, dead fish and ducks collected from the flashflood-hit haor region were within the permissible limits and not alarming.

April 15, 2017
April 15, 2017

Havoc in haor: Sunamganj WDB engineer withdrawn

An executive engineer of Water Development Board in Sunamganj is withdrawn amid allegations of corruption in the construction and repairing of the embankment surrounding the haor areas.