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  • Dhaka Chawkbazar fire

    Chawkbazar fire: 2 Wahed Mansion owners remanded

    A Dhaka Court places the two owners of Wahed Mansion -- from where the deadly Chawkbazar fire originated -- on a seven-day remand each in a case filed over the deaths of 70 people.

  • Families of Chawkbazar fire victims form human chain

    Family members of the victims of Chawkbazar fire form a human chain in front of Jatiya Press Club in Dhaka to press home their 11-point demand.

  • Chawkbazar Fire in Dhaka

    10-day remand sought for owners of Wahed Mansion

    Chawkbazar police seeks a 10-day remand for quizzing two owners of the Wahed Mansion, the centre of deadly Chawkbazar fire, in a case filed over the deaths of 70 people.

  • Dhaka's Gulshan Fire

    Fire guts several shops in Lalbagh

    A fire that broke out at several tin-shed structures in Dhaka's Lalbagh area last night, was doused at about 11:50pm without any casualty.

  • A rickshaw is burnt in Dhaka's Chawkbazar Fire

    5 more Chawkbazar fire victims identified thru DNA tests

    Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has identified the bodies of five more victims of Chawkbazar fire tragedy through DNA tests.

  • Old Dhaka fire Photo

    Fire started on first floor

    A home ministry probe body formed after the Chawkbazar fire concluded that the flames originated from the first floor of Wahed Mansion.

  • Fire Broke out in Dhaka's Banani

    Old Dhaka tyre warehouse fire doused

    A fire that broke out at a warehouse of tyre in Nawabpur area of Old Dhaka has been doused after two hours’ frantic efforts.

  • Drives in Old Dhaka Chemical Factories

    Drives in Old Dhaka must not stop

    The government crackdown on illegal chemical warehouses in Old Dhaka has already invited severe backlash and protests by local traders as drives against these establishments—prompted by the deadly Chawkbazar fire last month—have continued.

  • Old Dhaka needs a change from within

    Old Dhaka needs a change from within

    Mubasshar Hussain, architect and vice president, Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA), talks to Naznin Tithi of The Daily Star

  • government taskforce

    Drive barred again

    For the second consecutive day, a section of Old Dhaka traders created obstacles to the drive against illegal chemical warehouses yesterday.

  • Chawkbazar fire Tragedy's another victim died

    Another fire breaks out at Chawkbazar; 3 injured

    Three youths suffered burns as a fire broke out at a scrap-metal shop in Old Dhaka's Chawkbazar area yesterday afternoon, 10 days after an inferno in the same area that left scores dead.

  • A rickshaw is burnt in Dhaka's Chawkbazar Fire

    1 more Chawkbazar fire victim dies, death toll now 69

    Another victim of Chawkbazar fire dies taking the death toll to 69.

  • Chawkbazar mourns lost loved ones

    The country yesterday observed a day of national mourning for the victims of Chawkbazar fire that claimed at least 67 lives on Wednesday.

  • Chawkbazar Fire tragedy

    Chawkbazar Fire: Confusing comments may compromise findings

    According to a report published in this paper on February 24, an industries ministry probe committee has claimed that it found no evidence of a chemical factory or warehouse in the vicinity of the Chawkbazar fire.

  • All hail the local heroes

    Amidst a hail of flaming cans and other flammable objects, courageous locals emerged as first responders to Wednesday's devastating fire which engulfed the four-storey Haji Wahed Mansion in Chawkbazar's Churihatta.

  • Decades to build, minutes to lose

    After coming to Dhaka from Noakhali when he was only 10 years old, Abdul Mannan engaged himself in many an odd job -- from working at restaurants to construction sites -- to save money for himself. He was able to save Tk 10 lakhs, with which he opened up a stationary shop 16 years ago.

  • Relocating Hazardous Old Town Industries: At primary stage, perennially

    After an inferno had claimed 124 lives in Old Dhaka's Nimtoli in 2010, the government took up four projects to relocate four types of industries -- chemical, plastic, printing and light electronics -- from this part of the capital.

  • Chawkbazar fire victims

    Chawkbazar Fire: Writ petition seeks compensation, punishment

    Four separate writ petitions were filed with the High Court yesterday in connection with the Chawkbazar fire, with different prayers including compensation for the victim families and punishment for those responsible for the incident.

  • Relatives of victims of a fire incident attempt to identify the bodies at Dhaka Medical College Hospital

    Chawkbazar fire: CID prefers DNA samples from parents, children

    The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has requested the parents or children of those still missing following the Chawkbazar fire to provide their DNA samples to swiftly identify the unknown bodies.

  • Chemicals are being shifted from Haji Wahed Mansion in Chawkbazar

    Shifting of chemicals from Wahed Mansion continues

    Chemicals are being shifted from Haji Wahed Mansion in Churihatta of Dhaka’s Chawkbazar for the second consecutive day.

  • United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres

    Chawkbazar Fire: UN chief condoles loss of lives

    The United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres has expressed his condolences to the president, the government and the people Bangladesh for the loss of lives and destructions in the Chawkbazar inferno.

  • Blaze takes all of family but one

    Their family was a happy one -- mother and father with their two healthy children. On Wednesday night, the brutal fire that blazed through Chawkbazar reduced their perfect family of four to just one, while the rest looked on from behind a photo frame that managed to survive the hellish flames.

  • No chemical warehouse found nearby

    As the call for relocating the warehouses of chemicals and inflammable goods from Old Dhaka gets louder, an industries ministry probe committee claimed that there was no chemical factory or warehouse at the scene of Wednesday's devastating fire in Chawkbazar.

  • Old towners say enough is enough

    The grief for the loss of at least 67 lives in the chemical-fuelled Chawkbazar blaze is giving way to the fury against chemical factories and warehouses in Old Dhaka with the demand for their removal from the area getting louder.

  • Impunity lies at root

    Fire tragedies are frequent in Bangladesh and often cause high casualties, but no one has ever been punished for their role in any fire incidents.

  • The agonising wait

    With dazed eyes on a blank face, five-year-old Sanin lay nestled in the arms of her father Suman, who was standing just yards off the Dhaka Medical College morgue yesterday.

  • Old Dhaka's ticking TIMEBOMB

    The old town blaze that claimed at least 67 lives could have been even more devastating had the flames came into contact with the huge stockpile of chemicals in the basement of Haji Wahed Mansion.

  • Noakhali mourns

    A pall of gloom has descended on many villages of Noakhali as 13 of the 67 victims in Chawkbazar fire already identified hailed from the district.

  • Collective failure

    The devastating fire in Chawkbazar is the outcome of a collective failure of the authorities concerned.

  • Old town sends out an SOS

    Old Dhaka will remain vulnerable to disasters like the ones in Nimtoli and Chawkbazar unless it undergoes redevelopment, say urban planners.