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  • Mujibnagar Day

    Mujibnagar Day today

    The historic Mujibnagar Day is being observed today marking the formation of Bangladesh's first government that led the Liberation War in 1971.

  • Verdict on 4 Moulvibazar ‘war criminals’ tomorrow

    The International Crimes tribunal-1 will deliver tomorrow its verdict in the case filed against four Moulvibazar men for allegedly committing crimes during the Liberation War in 1971.

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    11 Mymensingh ‘war criminals’ indicted

    The International Crimes Tribunal-1 frames four charges against 11 Mymensingh men for allegedly committing crimes during the Liberation War in 1971.

  • War crimes charges pressed against 4 Moulvibazar men

    The prosecution presses two charges against four Moulvibazar men for their alleged involvement in crimes committed during the Liberation War in 1971.

  • International Crimes Tribunal

    War crimes: Arrest warrants issued for 2 men

    A war crimes tribunal issues arrest warrants against two men, including a former leader of Habiganj chapter Awami League, over crimes committed during the Liberation War in 1971.

  • Gallows for 4 Razakars for 1971 war crimes

    A special tribunal in Dhaka yesterday found five Kishoreganj Razakars guilty of abduction, torture and killings during

  • Khaleda has to apologise: Minister Kamal

    Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal says BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia has to apologise for questioning the number of martyrs of the Liberation War in 1971.

  • Rayerbazar memorial

    The Rayerbazar momorial is the site we go to pay our respects every year to intellectuals massacred on the eve of victory on December 14, 1971.

  • Kamruddin Ahmad (1912-1982)

    The trial is more important than the accused

    Here we publish a letter written by Kamruddin Ahmad to the Law Minister on November 21, 1972. Kamruddin Ahmad was a Language Movement hero, politician, lawyer and diplomat.

  • S.M. Sultan

    “I Don't Like Twirling the Baton of Politics”

    BEFORE we knew it, it was the year 1970. There were political movements all around. The confrontations of the students and the public of East Bengal had reached their peak.

  • Bangladesh's Liberation War -- Documents and History

    Here we publish an excerpt from Hasan Hafizur Rahman's introduction to History of Bangladesh War of Independence: Documents, the largest collection of the Liberation War documents.

  • Comrade Muzaffar Ahmad

    The independence movement of Bangladesh

    DURING the latter half of the last [ 19th] century, when the poet Nabinchandra Sen was a student of Presidency College, the boys from West Bengal used to poke fun at him by calling him a 'Bangal.'

  • Major General M. A. Manzoor (1940-1981)

    Can a self respecting nation treat its brave sons like this?

    THIS is my first opportunity to speak to an audience after our Independence. I convey my sincere thanks to Bangla Academy for affording me this opportunity.

  • Tajuddin Ahmed and Zohra Tajuddin

    The Path towards Sunrise

    Every moment of the night of March 25 in 1971 and the following two-months will always shine brightly in the depths of my memory.

  • Justice Abu Sayeed Chowdhury

    Genesis of Holocaust

    AS you open newspapers you read that East Pakistanis are fleeing their country, taking shelter in refugee camps and dying in thousands from cholera. But why? What is the genesis of this holocaust? Who is responsible for this human misery?

  • Bangabandhu

    Bangabandhu and the freedom of Bangladesh

    OUR nationalist movement that led to the War of Liberation began soon after the creation of Pakistan. Since inception, the Pakistani rulers began maligning our culture to destroy our independent cultural identity.

  • Shafi Imam Rumi

    The horrific memories of 1971

    WHICH memories of 1971 are horrific? The whole period from March 25 to December 15 was one continuous hell.

  • Reginald Ernest Prentice

    ''The Repression of Bengal''

    IN the absence of a political solution the crisis thrown up by the events in East Pakistan can only get worse.

  • Pakistan Divided

    Here we publish Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Sydney H. Schanberg's famous article titled "Pakistan Divided".

  • Khushwant Singh

    Why they fled Pakistan -- And won't go back

    This is my third visit to the India-Pakistan border 60 miles east of Calcutta. The countryside has not changed.

  • Muhammad Enamul Huq

    The cry of Joy Bangla

    EXACTLY 214 years after Bangla's sun of independence set in the mango grove of Polashi in Behrampur on June 23, 1757, the resting sun rose once more to glory in an unknown village in Meherpur, Kushtia through the announcement of independence of then East Pakistan by the Awami League.

  • Naval Commandos in the Liberation War

    AUGUST 15, 1971. On that day, after midnight, then East Pakistan's sea and river ports were attacked with mines one after the other. Occupation forces, shaken, sent out SOS signals to the whole world.

  • historic March 7

    March 7: An eye witness account

    THE speech by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib given at the Race Course (now Suhrawardy Uddyan) forty-four years ago on March 7...

  • March 7, 1971: The beginning of the end

    MARCH of 1971 was a month that will go down in history because, beginning on March 1, the course of history of one Pakistan changed very fast.