Rayerbazar memorial

Maintain its sanctity

The Rayerbazar momorial is the site we go to pay our respects every year to intellectuals massacred on the eve of victory on December 14, 1971. A tomb stands there commemorating the renowned academics, teachers, litterateurs, doctors, engineers and other eminent personalities who were killed to cripple the new-born nation intellectually and in terms of professional wealth. As with all national monuments, the Rayerbazar complex is supposed to be a protected site. Indeed a placard stands there with the declaration that the precincts are not to be used for any other purpose than to pay respect to the martyred heroes of the Liberation War.

Yet today, we see that the sacred premise has become a playground for children who use the water pool in front of the memorial. People wilfully ignore the official sign and use it for sports, bathing and washing. Although the city corporation is supposed to be guarding the site against such prohibited activity, we are shocked to find that beyond the putting up a sign, there is nothing by way of safeguarding the sanctity of the place. Defiling of such a sacred site speaks volumes about some people's ignorance of history and lack of respect towards martyrs. Needless to say, we abhor this sort of behaviour and sincerely hope authorities would take adequate measures to fend off such undesirable intrusions. The sanctity of the memorial must be protected and honoured.