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  • Mujibnagar day observed

    Mujibnagar Day observed

    The Mujibnagar Day was observed through different programmes yesterday, recalling significant memories of the first government of Bangladesh.

  • Indira vows support for Bangalees

    With the end of March, the month in which the flames of freedom were ignited, came the beginning of the 1971 Liberation War.

  • Pakistan army kills many in Rangpur

    On this day in 1971, the ruthless Pakistan army opened fire in the in the surrounding areas of Rangpur Cantonment, killing many innocent civilians.

  • The International Crimes Tribunal-1 official Logo

    War Crimes in Netrakona: 'Pack of wolves' gets death

    The International Crimes Tribunal-1 yesterday sentenced five Netrakona men, including a local Awami League leader, to death for their alleged involvement in crimes against humanity during the Liberation War in 1971.

  • Global help sought thru' Betar Kendra

    On this day in 1971, the curfew in Dhaka city was eased from 7:00am to 4:00pm.

  • Yesterday, once more!

    Yesterday, once more!

    The title of this column is borrowed from a very popular song from many years ago which we used to hum all the time. It was a

  • Dhaka adorned with red-green

    On this day in 1971, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman raised the Bangladesh flag, to the cheers of a crowd gathered on the road outside his Dhanmondi residence.

  • The sixth meeting

    After holding a meeting with Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Pakistan president Yahya Khan postponed the March 25 session of the National Assembly saying it was deferred to create unity among the political parties.

  • Dhaka city sees wave of protests

    On the 20th day of the agitation movement, Dhaka city was riding on a wave of freedom crazed processions chanting slogans -- “Joy Bangla” and “Joy Bangabandhu”.

  • Situation gets even more critical

    The situation in what was then East Pakistan, and is now Bangladesh, was getting more critical by the day.

  • Yahya in town

    On this day in 1971, all offices and businesses remained shut in continuation of a peaceful movement.

  • Songs of freedom

    A nation waited with bated breaths days before Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's soon-to-be historic rally to be held at Race Course ground.

  • Dhaka turns a city of processions

    After the shocking declaration of suspension of parliamentary session sine die by President Yahya Khan on March 1, 1971, the country, which has long been waiting to spew out its years-long frustration, erupted like a volcano.

  • liberation war

    MARCH 31, 1971: Indira Gandhi pledges support

    The month of March, that saw the ignition of flames of freedom, finally came to an end.

  • liberation war

    MARCH 7, 1971: The thunder roars

    The stage was set, the podium standing tall and ready and the microphones were switched on, waiting to echo the strong voice of the

  • liberation war

    MARCH 6, 1971: Tension builds up as March 7 rally nears

    With people of East Pakistan roaring for the declaration of independence, the suspense of what was to come on the March 7 rally grew. And with it, grew the angst and violence of the Pakistan government.

  • MARCH 2, 1971: First flag flies

    March 2, 1971 -- a historic day when Bangladesh announced its imminent arrival to the world by waving its flag for the

  • British Council unveils memorial for its martyrs

    British Council in Dhaka unveils a memorial in honour of eight policemen who died defending the institution on the black night of March 25, 1971.

  • A tribute: Schanberg who first broke Pak atrocities to the world

    The Daily Star is paying a tribute to Sydney H Schanberg, a correspondent of The New York Times who upheld before the world the atrocities of Pakistani military in Bangladesh in 1971 through his reporting.

  • War crimes: Death for Habiganj man, jail for his 2 brothers

    A special tribunal has found three brothers from Habiganj guilty of all the four charges brought against them and handed one death for war crimes. Two of his brothers have been given jail till death.

  • Pro-liberation body for trial of 195 Pak war criminals

    Pro-liberation platform Sector Commanders Forum – Muktijuddho ’71 today demands to start trial of “195 identified Pakistani war criminals” of 1971.

  • War crimes: Charges framed against 2 Shariatpur men

    A special tribunal has framed 4 charges against two Shariatpur men for allegedly committing crimes during the Bangladesh’s Liberation War in 1971.

  • War crimes: 4 Netrokona men sent to jail

    A special war crimes tribunal sends 4 Netrokona men to jail, a day after police arrested them in a war crimes case following the court’s arrest warrant.

  • War crimes: Verdict on 5 Kishoreganj men any day

    International Crimes Tribunal-1 will deliver verdict any day in a case filed against five Kishoreganj men for allegedly committing war crimes in 1971 as the argument of both sides have been completed.

  • Unfinished agenda of the Liberation War

    Forty five years ago, at zero hour on March 26, 1971, Pakistan Army launched one of the most heinous genocides in human history which could put Halaku and Hitler to shame due to the scale of the carnage.

  • Into The 46th Year of Independence

    The nation celebrates the 45th Independence and National Day today to pay tributes to the martyrs and valiant sons of the land who laid down their lives for the country's independence.

  • 1971: Our war, their battles

    In 1971, during Bangladesh's Liberation War, much of the action was confined to the territory of Bangladesh, but there were battles being fought in locations many oceans away.

  • The Black Night that still haunts the nation

    The nation today recalls the Black Night of March 25.

  • Nixon was advised to recognise Bangladesh

    US intelligence analysis had predicted early that the separation of Pakistan was imminent as the political situation in East Pakistan descended into chaos in March 1971.

  • Liberation War Denial Crimes Act drafted

    The Law Commission has drafted the Liberation War Denial Crimes Act, 2016 with a provision for five years' imprisonment as the highest punishment for denial of historically established facts and settled issues.