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  • Rights Abuses: Facebook bans Myanmar army chief, top brass

    Facebook yesterday banned Myanmar's army chief and other top military brass after a UN investigation recommended they face prosecution for genocide for a crackdown on Rohingya Muslims.

  • Tech giants aim to coordinate fight on misinformation

    Major technology firms including Facebook, Google and Twitter are set to meet as part of an effort to coordinate the battle against misinformation campaigns by foreign agents, a media report says.

  • Facebook says it was ‘too slow’ to fight hate speech in Myanmar

    Facebook has been “too slow” to address hate speech in Myanmar and is acting to remedy the problem by hiring more Burmese speakers and investing in technology to identify problematic content, the company says in a statement.

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    Facebook might be blocked again for saving the state: Jabbar

    Social media site Facebook might be blocked again and if needed internet could be also shut down to save the state and citizens of the country, ICT and Telecom Minister Mustafa Jabbar says.

  • Facebook uncovers political influence campaign ahead of midterms

    Facebook says it shut down 32 fake pages and accounts involved in an apparent "coordinated" effort to stoke hot-button issues ahead of November midterm US elections, but could not identify the source although Russia is suspected of involvement.

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    Britain to fine Facebook over data breach

    Britain's data regulator says it will fine Facebook half a million pounds ($660,000) for failing to protect users' data, in an inquiry into whether personal information had been misused by campaigns on both sides of Britain's 2016 EU referendum.

  • Apple jams Facebook's web-tracking tools

    Apple unveils new operating systems for its iPhones and computers with features designed to thwart the use of secret trackers to monitor people's online activities.

  • Papua New Guinea mulls 'temporary' ban on Facebook

    Papua New Guinea says it is mulling a temporary shutdown of Facebook to uncover false accounts and block fake news in the Pacific nation, which hosts a major global summit later this year.

  • Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg apologised

    FB hasn't done enough

    Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg apologised to the European Parliament yesterday and said the social media giant is taking steps to prevent a repeat of a massive breach of users' personal data.

  • Facing Facebook's Responsibility

    When Facebook went public in May 2012, its capacity for effective corporate governance was already in doubt. Fast-forward six years, and Facebook has accumulated massive power, access, and influence—and, in many ways, proved the doubters right.