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  • Deadline not to be set?

    Building of two temporary sheds to store chemicals from Old Dhaka is facing delays as approval from the planning commission and opinions of experts are required, a top official of industries ministry has said.

  • Dhaka's urban politics, Haussmann, and related thoughts

    After the tragic Chawkbazar inferno in Old Dhaka, I have been thinking about what it would take to bring some urban sanity to a complex megacity like Dhaka.

  • A rickshaw is burnt in Dhaka's Chawkbazar Fire

    5 more Chawkbazar fire victims identified thru DNA tests

    Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has identified the bodies of five more victims of Chawkbazar fire tragedy through DNA tests.

  • Old Dhaka fire Photo

    Fire started on first floor

    A home ministry probe body formed after the Chawkbazar fire concluded that the flames originated from the first floor of Wahed Mansion.

  • Chawkbazar fire Tragedy's another victim died

    Another fire breaks out at Chawkbazar; 3 injured

    Three youths suffered burns as a fire broke out at a scrap-metal shop in Old Dhaka's Chawkbazar area yesterday afternoon, 10 days after an inferno in the same area that left scores dead.

  • Chawkbazar fire victim Rezaul

    Old Dhaka at grave fire risk

    Old Dhaka is so prone to fire disasters that last year it saw at least one fire incident a day on average.

  • Chawkbazar tragedy: Death toll reaches 70

    Another victim of the Chawkbazar fire loses the battle for life at Dhaka Medical College Hospital, raising the death toll in the tragedy to 70.

  • Drives against chemical warehouses at Old Dhaka

    Chemical Warehouses, Factories: Crackdown begins in old town

    It seems nothing has changed in West Shaheednagar area of Old Dhaka.

  • Relocation begins in 15 days

    The industries ministry will start relocating nearly 4,000 chemical warehouses and factories from Old Dhaka within the next 15 days as it selected two temporary sites in the capital and Tongi for this purpose.

  • HC upset as post-Nimtoli suggestions gather dust

    Expressing dissatisfaction at the authorities' failure to implement the government probe committee's 17 recommendations over the 2010 Nimtoli fire, the High Court yesterday questioned their inaction.

  • Chawkbazar Tragedy: Way Forward

    Relocate chemicals now from old town

    To prevent any further fire-related human catastrophe like what occurred in Chawkbazar, officials and experts have suggested immediate temporary relocation of highly combustible chemicals from densely-populated Old Dhaka, as a permanent relocation across the Buriganga would take years.

  • Somebody has to take responsibility

    The Chawkbazar fire might not have taken place, had the recommendations of a probe committee after the 2010 Nimtoli fire been implemented, the High Court said yesterday.

  • Decades to build, minutes to lose

    After coming to Dhaka from Noakhali when he was only 10 years old, Abdul Mannan engaged himself in many an odd job -- from working at restaurants to construction sites -- to save money for himself. He was able to save Tk 10 lakhs, with which he opened up a stationary shop 16 years ago.

  • Relocating Hazardous Old Town Industries: At primary stage, perennially

    After an inferno had claimed 124 lives in Old Dhaka's Nimtoli in 2010, the government took up four projects to relocate four types of industries -- chemical, plastic, printing and light electronics -- from this part of the capital.

  • Chemicals fed the fire

    But one thing is sure, chemicals and flammable objects had fed the flames that almost gutted Haji Wahed Mansion and partly damaged three other adjoining buildings on Wednesday night, causing the fire to last longer, said exerts and members of a probe committee.

  • Of deaths, the unexpected and unacceptable ones

    The air around the Azimpur Graveyard is particularly heavy with wailing of people who come to bury their loved ones after losing them in the tragic incident of Chawkbazar fire.

  • CID to match DNA of Chawkbazar victims

    Criminal Investigation Department (CID) will be profiling the DNA of the unidentified victims of Chawkbazar fire for handing over the bodies.

  • Chawkbazar fire: 46 bodies handed over

    Authorities have handed over bodies of 46 victims of the devastating Chawkbazar fire to their families, district administration says.

  • Dhaka fire: Info centre opened at DMCH

    An information centre has been opened at Dhaka Medical College Hospital to convey updated information about the victims of Chawkbazar fire.

  • Dhaka Chawkbazar fire tragedy

    Condolences pour in for victim families

    Condolences poured in to the bereaved families of those killed in the deadly blaze at Old Dhaka's Chawkbazar on Wednesday night.

  • A rickshaw is burnt in Dhaka's Chawkbazar Fire

    More tragedies from the night of horror

    The ghastly fire at the Churihatta intersection in Dhaka’s Chawkbazar area leaves some with the last moments of their lives in agony, while others are left with a horrific memory that will haunt them forever.

  • Old Dhaka Fire in Bangladesh

    37 bodies handed over to families

    A total of 37 bodies of the victims of Chawkbazar fire incident is handed over to their families and relatives since this noon, an official says.

  • Authorities have called off rescue operation after dousing the ghastly fire at Chawkbazar

    Chawkbazar fire: Rescue called off; death toll 70

    Authorities have called off rescue operation after dousing the ghastly fire at Chawkbazar which has claimed lives of about 70 people so far.