The Momentum in Construction Industry

The Momentum in Construction Industry

Better days ahead for the construction sector

Consumption of cement and steel, the two major ingredients for the construction industry, will record a dramatic growth in the coming years, riding on large infrastructure projects and increasing demand for the materials across the country.

Infrastructural development is the need of the hour

In Bangla-desh unplanned urbanisation is growing; people are building homes, small and large scale industries and other infrastructure. To that effect the alarming matter is the extreme loss of agricultural land.

Govt. support critical for sustaining construction growth

Steel is considered to be the backbone of national development. In Bangladesh, the steel industry has witnessed an impressive growth over the last few years.

Development of rural infrastructure key to construction growth

It is generally perceived that the real estate industry drives growth in the construction sector. But Amirul Haque holds a different opinion. “Our construction industry is no longer limited to the real estate sector.

Quality assurance is a moral responsibility towards the nation

There are emerging opportunities for the cement industry as a result of increasing infrastructure growth. The government has undertaken many megaprojects (Rooppur power plant, Padma bridge, metro rails, etc.). The budget for Rooppur power plant is the highest ever for a single project. Concrete growth this year alone was at 20 percent.

Technological innovation needed to sustain the industry

MR. Sufyani starts the conversation saying that the cement industry is looking at the boom in infrastructure sector as an opportunity.

Are we safe from building collapse?

Adevastating tragic failure took place in Savar when a nine storied factory building(Spectra Sweaters Ltd.) completely collapse on April 12, 2005at night when workers were working inside.

Quality materials for quality building construction

Housing is one of the basic needs of human life. Buildings are part and parcel of human activities including living, entertainment,

Driving development through sustainable infrastructure

Bangladesh is experienc-xing an unprecedented growth in infrastructure. Big infrastructure projects are going on across the country, and the momentum is also animated in the rural areas.

Painting the future bright

The paint industry has continued its sound growth in recent years thanks to a rise of consumption in semi-urban and rural areas boosted by consumers' increasing purchasing power and move towards diverse and premium products.

Building Vulnerability Assessment Process in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh ready-made garment (RMG) industry is one of the most important export-oriented business sectors, which is facing challenges to ensure workplace safety. Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh is the consequence of such non-compliance.

Use of mild steel rebar in seismic design on RC buildings

Mild steel rebar, commonly known as MS rod or simply rod, is an essential component of building materials.