27th Anniversary Supplements | Page 2 | The Daily Star
  • Graduating out of LDC group with momentum

    Bangladesh is well-poised to be considered for graduation from the LDC group at the next review of the UN's Committee for Development Policy (CDP) in March 2018.

  • Building a 'nation brand'

    In today's globalised and highly competitive world, individual countries invariably operate as part of the “global value chain.”

  • Revitalising Exports

    Export diversification has proven to be a formidable task for Bangladesh. If anything, export concentration—more specifically, dependence on readymade garments (RMG)—has increased further.

  • Where do we stand?

    In the last five years Bangladesh has been maintaining a GDP growth rate between six and seven percent. Consequently, Bangladesh's energy consumption has been increasing at more than eight percent per year.

  • Bangladesh's ailing tax system

    The tax system in Bangladesh is not very different from that of most other developing countries. A significant share of revenue is collected at the border, while domestic taxes are primarily from the VAT and income taxes.

  • Making migrants' life easier

    Time and again the government of Bangladesh has reiterated its commitment to ensure the dignity and protection of short-term contract migrant workers.

  • Digital Bangladesh Vision 2020

    Transforming the healthcare sector for Digital Bangladesh 2020

    Healthcare sector of a nation is instrumental to the quality of life there. Healthcare in Bangladesh is a sector that has always been riddled with infrastructural difficulties, given the nation's robust population.

  • Local Access to Information (a2i) model goes global

    Even the biggest private hospitals inside the city have no centralised record-keeping system through which a patient's past history can be accessed.

  • Make transportation women-friendly

    While we talk about how uncomfortable and frustrating Dhaka’s transportation system is, we place minimum emphasis on the plight of female citizens commuting around the city.

  • The social impact of technology

    Those of us who have been keeping up with the tech scene in major countries like USA, know the frustration associated with the snail-pace at which our country adopts technology.