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  • Making migrants' life easier

    Time and again the government of Bangladesh has reiterated its commitment to ensure the dignity and protection of short-term contract migrant workers.

  • Dalals: Demons or merchants of short-term international migration?

    Remittances received from short-term international contract migration are one of the three important driving forces that have contributed to the transformation of Bangladesh into a low middle-income country.

  • For a vibrant financial sector

    An “economic miracle”—that's how leading international newspaper the Financial Times described Bangladesh in an article last year as it showered praises over our economic achievements.

  • It's all about institutions

    Anyone who visits Dhaka for the first time may be excused for thinking that Bangladesh is a rich country with millions of automobiles.

  • Protection of Bangladesh migrant workers rights

    Protecting migrants' welfare

    Fatema, 20, the sole breadwinner of her family, migrated to Saudi Arabia in search of solvency. She purchased a ticket to her dream destination at the cost of Tk 20,000 though the actual cost was much higher.

  • A glance at two success stories

    After apparels the pharmaceuticals industry has been one of the success stories of Bangladesh in the last three decades.

  • Towards building an inclusive workforce

    Due to the evolution of global workplace, the next worldwide emerging market are women. In Bangladesh the rate of female labour participation stands at 41.4%.

  • Internet banking in Bangladesh

    Internet banking in Bangladesh

  • Making the most out of the internet

    Internet plays an integral role in our everyday lives. Apart from international services, several national services have already popped up in Bangladesh which give more and more utilities from the internet.

  • E-commerce Market in Bangladesh

    E-commerce: Is it truly safe?

    With the advent of fast internet connections in our country, the e-commerce sector has boomed. Every day, a huge number of transactions occur as businesses conduct their operations without even meeting their clients face to face. But is this method of conducting business truly safe and secured?