27th Anniversary Supplements | Page 3 | The Daily Star
  • Technological Development in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh's tech: from importer to manufacturer

    Bangladesh is emerging as a digital device manufacturing country in the global technological sector.

  • Green innovation in Bangladesh

    In the past few years, Bangladesh has been going through a digital revolution. Its economy is growing at 7%, and soon we'll be citizens of a middle-income country.

  • Big Open Data & Bangladesh

    Late January news broke that big data sourced from the fitness devices was unwittingly giving away the aerial locations of secret US Army bases in places like Kandahar, Afghanistan.

  • E-waste: Is it likely to kill us?

    If you're reading this article on a screen, be it your desktop or laptop or smartphone – or any electronic device – sooner or later, you will be contributing to e-waste.

  • Leadership for today's Digital Bangladesh

    Business leaders are responsible for growing their business, by navigating through a myriad of disruptive forces that are constantly changing the business landscape.

  • Digital Bangladesh Vision 2020

    Transforming the healthcare sector for Digital Bangladesh 2020

    Healthcare sector of a nation is instrumental to the quality of life there. Healthcare in Bangladesh is a sector that has always been riddled with infrastructural difficulties, given the nation's robust population.

  • Local Access to Information (a2i) model goes global

    Even the biggest private hospitals inside the city have no centralised record-keeping system through which a patient's past history can be accessed.

  • Make transportation women-friendly

    While we talk about how uncomfortable and frustrating Dhaka’s transportation system is, we place minimum emphasis on the plight of female citizens commuting around the city.

  • The social impact of technology

    Those of us who have been keeping up with the tech scene in major countries like USA, know the frustration associated with the snail-pace at which our country adopts technology.

  • Robots are taking all our jobs

    Robots are taking all our jobs

    I watched Black Mirror till 3AM last night while I hugged my blanket and prayed that technology doesn't turn the world into what the show portrays.