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  • Leadership for today's Digital Bangladesh

    Business leaders are responsible for growing their business, by navigating through a myriad of disruptive forces that are constantly changing the business landscape.

  • Digital Bangladesh Vision 2020

    Transforming the healthcare sector for Digital Bangladesh 2020

    Healthcare sector of a nation is instrumental to the quality of life there. Healthcare in Bangladesh is a sector that has always been riddled with infrastructural difficulties, given the nation's robust population.

  • Local Access to Information (a2i) model goes global

    Even the biggest private hospitals inside the city have no centralised record-keeping system through which a patient's past history can be accessed.

  • Make transportation women-friendly

    While we talk about how uncomfortable and frustrating Dhaka’s transportation system is, we place minimum emphasis on the plight of female citizens commuting around the city.

  • The social impact of technology

    Those of us who have been keeping up with the tech scene in major countries like USA, know the frustration associated with the snail-pace at which our country adopts technology.

  • Robots are taking all our jobs

    Robots are taking all our jobs

    I watched Black Mirror till 3AM last night while I hugged my blanket and prayed that technology doesn't turn the world into what the show portrays.

  • Towards building an inclusive workforce

    Due to the evolution of global workplace, the next worldwide emerging market are women. In Bangladesh the rate of female labour participation stands at 41.4%.

  • Internet banking in Bangladesh

    Internet banking in Bangladesh

  • Making the most out of the internet

    Internet plays an integral role in our everyday lives. Apart from international services, several national services have already popped up in Bangladesh which give more and more utilities from the internet.

  • E-commerce Market in Bangladesh

    E-commerce: Is it truly safe?

    With the advent of fast internet connections in our country, the e-commerce sector has boomed. Every day, a huge number of transactions occur as businesses conduct their operations without even meeting their clients face to face. But is this method of conducting business truly safe and secured?