Apur Sansar (1959)

Graduate but jobless Apu is writing a novel based on his life. One day his life takes a sudden turn when he meets his old friend Pulu. He takes Apu to his village to attend the wedding of her cousin Aparna.

Lipstick Under My Burkha

Four different women are trapped in their worlds with desires through acts of rebellion. One is a college girl who struggles with her aspiration to be a pop singer...

Tidbits / DAAG Released in the US

Bengali short-film Daag will appear as a television premiere for viewers of American and European countries.


CBI Officer Rajib Chowdhury (Shakib Khan) is adamant about fighting against terrorists and criminals.

Bangla Movie Review / Sultana Bibiana

Sultan travels to a different village to learn horticulture. There he meets Shonali and falls in love with her.

Bhalobasha Emoni Hoy

The first scene of the movie shows where Mim sets out to buy flowers for someone on her return home.

Koto Shopno Koto Asha

Plot: Bappy's life is surrounded by the love and affection he shares with his students. Teaching both the age groups of children and


Shakib Khan being the son of the Bhuiyan family helps the Chowdhurys in time of need, when they pay a visit to their rural home.

Ami Tomar Hote Chai

Plot: After falling head over heels for Mim, Bappy starts to change for the better. He is spellbound by her love and for him it's the

One Way

The story of a vengeful woman who infiltrates the relationship of two brothers with the intention of murdering them for killing her father.


The story of a struggling actor and his survival in a merciless society where he gets to live his profession in real life after failing his career.


The story of a girl in search of her true identity after having lost her memory completely.

Movie Review: Bossgiri

The story of a man looking to earn a decent living, eventually falls into circumstances that forces him to turn into the don of a city.

Bela Sheshe

A story of relationships that searches the details of married life, promises, expectations, love and lasting companionship.

X-Factor: Game Over

A telefim titled “X-Factor: Game Over” will be released this Eid. Starring in this telefilm are actors Iresh, Opurbo, mom, Mithila, and Farhana Milik.

Work Begins On POSTMASTER 71

Ferdous's latest film Postmaster 71 has recently been announced and official shooting for the film has just begun.

Movie Review: Black Money

A lazy man's day dreams of earning millions come to life when he finds a wealthy, aspiring politician's car loaded with money. However, as with such situations, trouble is never far behind.

Agnee 2

Tanisha returns to take revenge on the ones who killed the love of her life.