Ami Tomar Hote Chai

Director: Anonno Mamun

Cast: Bidya Sinha Saha Mim, Bappy Chowdhury, Jon, Dipali, Saif Chandan and Misa Sawdagar

Production Company: Live Technology

Weakness: Makeup

Movie Rating: 7/10

Plot: After falling head over heels for Mim, Bappy starts to change for the better. He is spellbound by her love and for him it's the greatest weapon to win every battle in life. Ami Tomar Hote Chai is the story of two love birds: Abir (Bappy), and Shreya (Mim), where Abir plays as a gangster who takes the whole city under hostage and Shreya on the other hand, tries to make Abir a better human being through her love. Within a night Abir becomes a rockstar from a gangstar. Shreya unleashes his hidden talent of singing when a simple mobile recorded song goes viral over YouTube. However, the leader of the Eagle gang Misa Sawdagar feels outraged when he gets to know how one of his powerful men is leading a normal life. Thus, he fails miserably when he tries to allure Abir back to the underworld as nothing can win over love.

Review: Mim as a talented actress did a splendid job of playing the role of Shreya in the movie. She left the audience emotional by portraying herself as a brain tumor patient. But the dialogue of Mim's "Ami kintu onek sexy o hot, amake dekhle nijeke kintu thik rakhte parbenna" seemed very bold for the audience today. The scenarios of every song were portrayed wonderfully. But in some scenes Mim's makeup was awful and it was same with Dipali's in her first scene as well. So far Bappy had less opportunities in his acting career where he could portray himself as an outstanding artist like he did in this movie. Although, there were minor flaws in his expressions but it did not affect the movie overall. It was very unfair as his voice was dubbed in the movie; moreover it gave a robotic outlook to his voice. It would have been better to use Bappy's own voice instead. Misa Sawadagar tried to come out of his typical acting mannerism and seemed overconfident about it. Audience will remember the Aslam-like role of him for a long time. Even Saif Chandan was good at playing the character of an audio businessman. 

 However there wasn't any necessity for Bollywood item girl Rakhi Sawant for the item song. Her appearance did not make any difference in the movie. Habib Wahid gave the tune and music for two songs "Beporowa Mon" and "O Shundori Re", and the other songs were fantastic in their own right. As a director Anonno Mamun did an impressive job of stretching a short simple love story to a long one in such a graceful manner. Ami Tomar Hote Chai is a movie that is definitely recommended for the ones who want a fresh new story in a Bengali film, as it does not disappoint.


Reviewed by: Sumaiya Akhter Nitu


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