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If you're reading this article, there are two possible reasons why you might be doing that. Either 1) you're only here to have some laughs and/or relate to your own situation, or 2) you have just gotten enrolled into a university and you are curious to know if your campus seniors are really machines with an impressive output of academic notes or 'sensible' advisors.

If you're one of the latter kinds, then congratulations! You have entered a life where you will be spontaneously tired, confused and irritated (with moments of bliss and fulfilment here and there) for the next 3-4 years to get a piece of paper that will get you a slight upper hand in the job industry and bragging rights over the people that are yet to have that said paper in their hands.

Contrary to what most people say, university seniors are neither a blessing, nor a curse. They're a sweet and sour mixture of both. They'll help you up when you feel low, guide you throughout your entire undergrad life, and advise you on things from dealing with faculty members to 'dealing with life'. However, there will also be seniors that can stir up troubles for you.

To help you out on better understanding what sorts of seniors you will meet in your university, yours truly shall now imbue you with his wisdom. And what better way to do that than list them down?


This category of seniors needs no introduction. Seniors falling in this category won't even have to introduce themselves to you up front. They have a mystical energy that will instantly grab your attention by just being 20 feet around you. They have this inherent charm in them that will make you stick and listen intently to every word that comes out of their mouths. And although they will deny it, they are very aware of exactly how much people will stick to their every word.

They also come with excellent life advice.


These seniors are at the top of their game in terms of grades. They are the type of seniors that will tell their classmates, “I don't think I'm going to pass this test,” and still come out with the highest marks in the class.

As your seniors, approaching them will help you out immensely academically. They will advise you on how to behave in front of your faculty professors, how the question pattern is usually like, hand you very detailed and elaborate notes, etc. Befriending them will help you see your grades rise and your classmates roll their eyes at you.


These seniors lack impressive feats in their academics. Their grades are usually average. But what they lack in academics, they make up for it in their impressive extra-curricular activities. Whether it is debates, case competitions, cultural arts, sports or part-time jobs, their achievements will make your jaw drop. Not very keen on being 'book smart', these seniors will have experience in the more practical sense.

They are a huge help when you yourself are interested in extra-curricular activities, but don't know where to start. They'll transform you from a technologically challenged grasshopper to an adequately trained electronic spreadsheet/presentation software user, they will teach you how most of the economy works, they will teach you to use a musical instrument, they will teach you how to bring out an argument out of anything, etc. Plus, they are more fun to talk to as they are usually more open than the class toppers, and they usually have more stories to tell from their personal experiences.


Although this category is not limited to seniors only, you will come across seniors belonging to this category now and then. They will try to step over your comfort zone and stick around to further make you uncomfortable. You will usually find them knocking you on social media at odd hours, or you will usually see them following you around, trying to strike up a conversation with you when you clearly don't want one and failing miserably in the process. Try to avoid giving them any attention. It helps. Trust me.


These types of seniors can belong to any of the above mentioned categories. They can be charismatic ones who don't get involved into others' lives too deeply. They can be the class toppers that find peace in complete isolation. They can be extra-curricular wizards that prefer to keep their talents to themselves. They can be creepy stalkers. Or they can be your Average Joe who doesn't have much to offer, but might end up being nice company if you gave them a chance.


These seniors can also be inclusive in any of the aforementioned categories, including The Loner. They are attractive and will make you fellow classmates swoon, leaving them mesmerised at their sights.

Dubbed 'Inter-Departmental Crush', they will usually turn down your or your classmates' advances by turning them into their 'chotobhai/bon'. But soon enough, you or your classmates will realise that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. That is, the more you get to know them, the less attractive they will start to seem.

Nevertheless, there can be countless more categories of seniors you will meet. Always know who to approach and how to approach. And remember, there's more to your university than just your seniors. Good luck in your new university lives.


Aka is a tiny little bleep on the world's radar, and he finds peace in knowing it. Ruin his peace by poking him on akaaraf@hotmail.com

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